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what is face bleach, methods and types

face bleach is a process of lightening the color of the face and body hair. Bleaching is the best way to hide pimples, dirt, blackness, and unwanted hair on the face. It also improves skin tone. Bleached removes the facial skin of the face, after which, the face gets improved. It acts as a kind of dye for your body and facial hair. Bleach reduces dark spots, scars, and acne scars from the face. Keep in mind that facial bleaching is done before facials. This makes the hair visible on the face become lighter. After bleaching, the face starts glowing after getting facials.

Skin bleaching

face bleach methods

Step 1

Skin bleaching

 Before bleaching, wash your face with a face wash and clean it to get rid of any dirt or oil present on the face.

Step 2

Skin bleaching

After that clean it with a cleanser and before bleaching on the face, massage with a pre-bleach cream on your face, it keeps skin safe.

Step 3

Skin bleaching

After that tie your hair and make ponytails. Do not let them appear on your face, and use bobby pins or hairbands. By doing this, bleach will not be applied to your hair and your face will be well bleached.

Step 4

Skin bleaching

If your skin is sensitive, then you should test a patch test before using bleach on your entire face. If you are getting a reaction from bleach then do not use it at all.

Step 5

Skin bleaching

 Now take 2-3 spoons of bleach cream according to your face skin in a bowl, and add 1-2 pinch of activator (bleach powder) in it, but take special care that the amount of activator in bleach cream is not much Be it because its high amount can harm your skin.

Step 6

Skin bleaching

 Now apply this bleach on your entire face and neck. You can apply it on your face with the help of a brush or fingers, but remember that bleach cream does not apply to hair and eyebrows or else hair color may be different.

Step 7

Skin bleaching

 After bleaching, paint your skin. After this, you can apply a mask, night cream, and cucumber to the face.

Step 8

Skin bleaching

Now let it remain on your face for about 10-15 minutes, then with the help of a sponge, clean it from your face with water. Do not use your hands to remove bleach as there may be germs on your hands. After removing the bleach, you will see for yourself that the skin color will be clear beforehand.

Types of skin bleaching

2 types of bleach

Skin bleaching

Cream Bleach – The use of cream bleach is considered best for the face. Apart from this, you can use it on your hands and feet as well.

Powder bleach – The use of powder bleach is considered good for hands and feet. Powder bleach is both ammonia-free and ammonia.

Things to note while doing face bleach

Try applying it to other parts of the body before applying bleach.

Never bleach after threading, waxing, steam, and scrubbing.

Before bleaching, use pre-bleach lotion or light moisturizer, especially on dry and sensitive skin.

If you feel irritation after applying bleach, wash your face immediately with cold water. Apply ice

Do not use bleach on patchy skin.

If there are pimples in the face, do not bleach.

Never bleach after a hot water bath.

Should not be applied around the eyes or above the eyebrow.

While mixing bleach cream and activator, never use a metal spoon.

The skin should be cleaned with a cleanser before bleaching.

Do not use bleach again before 15 to 20 days.

Do not apply bleach for more than 15 minutes.

Do not use mantle spoon and mantle bowl while mixing activator in bleach cream.

Do not apply facial bleach on the body and body bleach on the face.

Do not use soap or facewash until 6 hours after bleaching.

Do not bleach immediately after coming out of the sun. Get the body temperature to be normal.

Those who have excess body heat, they should get the skin bleached according to the test.

Never use bleach after facials, or the results can be serious

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