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What is saree draping?

The sari is considered to be the most elegant, beautiful, and dignified among all the costumes worn by women. Saree has been in existence for centuries. One of the traditional dress sarees has changed significantly over time. The saree can be worn in many ways. Wearing a saree is an art in which you can master after continuous practice. The saree is a 5-yard to the 9-yard long unstitched garment worn with a blouse or choli and petticoat. here we teach you about saree draping

Ways to wear saree or saree draping

Maharashtrian Saree

step 1

To wear a Maharashtrian sari, first, take the left-hand sari from the right-hand side to the back. Now, except for about a 1-meter sari, wear a double tight knot, instead of petticoats, you can wear pants or slacks in this style to wear a sari.

Step 2

Now take the 1-meter sari left from the left side between the two legs, after removing the sari, make plates from the part of the left side. If the sari is on the border, make plates from the border side and put these plates from the backside to the waist Put it

Step 3

Now put the remaining sari on the right side like the normal sari from the left side, make the Laka plates on the front side and pin it up on the left shoulder.

Bengali Sarees

step 1

First of all, look at the straight and reverse sides of the sari and wear your footwear. Starting from the straight hand, put the sari in the waist towards the opposite hand for a full round and complete one round to the straight arm.

Step 2

After this, to make pallu, make plates from the right-hand side and pin-up the shoulder on the left-hand side. The front plates are made wide, so make big plates, make sure that the plates end up on the right-hand side and fix them and pin them up while fixing the front plates.

Step 3

Tie the end of the pallu to the plates with the help of a ring knot and take it out directly towards the hand and put it on the shoulder and pinup it well.

Lehenga saree

step 1

Start tucking the sari without pallu on your right waist and wrap it around your waist from back to front, tuck it everywhere. Take it backside, wrapping it around your waist again.

Step 2

Unleash it from all four sides and make plates of a pallu. Make sure that the width of the plates is reduced. Make plates with the fabric remaining and tuck it in the back.

Fish cut Saree

step 1

Tie a knot on the end of the sari. And by taking it straight from the side of the hand inside the petticoat to the left side according to the length you have to wear the sari, complete it by completing around and put it in the waist.

Step 2

Now make plates for the pallu from the right-hand side and bring it from the back and pinup it on the right solder with the blouse keeping the pallu facing forward. From the front, bring the inner part of the pallu under the left hand from the back and pinup it at the waist.

Step 3

Now tug the remaining saree inside the pallu, making the front plates.

Simple Saree Draping

step 1

Hold one end of your saree and tuck it into the right side of the petticoat. Let the tuck stay like this and bring the sari in a full circle. Leaving pallu and some extra parts and tucking the rest of the saree in a petticoat

Step 2

Uncover the pallu and make plates with the help of your thumb and index finger. Now pinup it on your left shoulder and arrange the plates as you wish. Keep an eye on the length. Because the more loosely tied sari looks ugly.

Step 3

Now bring the plates to the right-hand side and remove the tamper tucked portion. Make as many plates as you can before the rest of the sari. Tuck these plates in the middle waist…

South Indian Style

step 1

A meter long cloth around you.

step 2

First, tuck the saree at the right side of the waist and then tuck it in the back while rotating the saree. Now bring the saree from the left side to the front and tuck it cleanly.

Step 2

Make plates of the pallu and bring them to the front. Pallu should come from back to front. Grab one end and wrap it on the chest and take it backward. Make clean plates with a sold sari and tuck it in the middle waist.

Saree Wear Styles

Mumtaz Saree Draping Style

If you are bored wearing the same type of saree, then you will remember the Mumtaz saree. Nowadays, the saree worn by Mumtaz in the song Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche was very famous. Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have also worn a saree in Mumtaz style. You can try this style with everyone, from your heavy sari to a normal sari.

Butterfly Saree Draping Style

Butterfly saree draping is the perfect option for slim and curvy girls. You can try this look with any kind of saree. However, if you choose a lighter saree like Kota or Chiffon, butterfly wings stand out. Choose a saree that also has a little embroidery. This is done with the style (front pallu). Sonam Kapoor has been spotted many times in this look.

Dhoti Saree Draping Style

Dhoti-style saree is quite popular among the youth nowadays, because it is easy to wear and comfortable. Many Bollywood celebrities have been seen in such sarees. This trend enhances your fashion statement. You can also try it with crop tops and shirts.

Scarf Pallu Saree Draping Style

You have rarely seen someone in this style while wearing a sari, but if you want to try something different and try, then this is a good option. All you need to do for this is wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf. Keep in mind that for this style you have to keep the length of your pallu long.

Gujarati saree draping style

In these sarees, the pallu is on the front and it is mostly worn while playing Garba during Navratras, as the Gujarati style saree gives a traditional look. For this style, you can use Chiffon and Georgette saris. Tug on the right side of the sari from the right side and enter it from the waist and bring it backward and while doing this, tuck it in full.

Lehenga Saree Draping Style

If you are wearing a sari or a lehenga in this kashmakash, then you can also wear the sari by wearing a kilt. If you wear a delicate sari like a lehenga then it will look very beautiful. The lehenga saree style is very common. You can also wear it at wedding functions and festivals like Diwali. For this style, you will need a lehenga, choli, and a sari in contrast to making half the look of the sari.

Bengali Saree Draping Style

You can wear a Bengali saree in any function, it will give a different stylish look. Bengali saris can be worn comfortably in religious programs, wedding functions.

Mermaid (fish cut) saree draping style

You can wear this type of saree in any program of the house. Which will give you a simple look. This type of saree can be worn by all women. The specialty of this type of saree draping is that the palla is large in it.

Maharashtrian Marathi Saree Draping

Maharashtrian sarees are longer than other sarees. This style is important among Marathi people. Usually, they wear saris like this at festivals. You do not need a petticoat in this saree.

Things to keep in mind

Always use small pins to pin up the pallu or any other part of the sari. Big pins will be seen clearly and this will make your sari look bad. You can also use some trendy pins if you want.

Petticoat also has an important role in making your saree look special. Also, choose it keeping in mind the fabric of the saree. For example, if you are wearing a net or lace saree, wear a satin petticoat. Fish cut Petticoat gives slim look.

The length of the pallu also helps in making this look special. Keep it not too long nor too short. Always keep the pallu around the knees. This will give you the perfect look.

You can wear it with different necklines and cut blouses to give it a trendy look. Always wear the perfect fitting blouse with it.

It is necessary to wear a matching blouse and petticoat with a sari, but this does not mean that you keep matching everything. Do not make the mistake of applying a matching eyeshadow or lipstick. Also, wear only accessories with a saree.

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