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What is head massage, types of massage

head massage

Head massage is a form of massage therapy. In head (hair) massage, head, neck, and shoulders are massaged, this does not include face massage. The main purpose of head massage is to reduce negative energies, due to which health problems are increasing. This also makes the skin of your scalp healthy, which strengthens hair roots. Head massage can reduce anxiety and massage slightly. Scalp massage is a pleasant experience for everyone. Massaging the scalp can give you relief from stress. Apart from this, it helps in improving the blood circulation in the head. But all the people can’t go to the parlor or the salon to get a head massage. In this case, you can also do a head massage at home.

Head Massage Method

step 1

First of all, choose a peaceful and pleasant environment. In this environment, mental stress starts decreasing to some extent on its own. During this, the person doing the massage should sit in a comfortable position. For this, you can use a chair.

head massage

step 2

you turn your hands from the top of the head to the bottom of the neck. During this time, the message activity should be stopped when the masseur or the asker asks any questions.

head massage

Step 3

Now apply light pressure with your fingers at the base of the head. And roll the fingers all over the head. When you do this, there is a massage of your head as well as hair. It promotes skin circulation of the upper part of the head.

head massage

Step 4

Now massage the head in the oval position with the help of fingers and thumbs of both hands. During this time you can keep your thumbs permanent, and move your fingers. Start at the top of the head and bring the fingers to the bottom of the ear. In this way, you can stimulate the nerves of your brain.

head massage

Step  5

Keep in mind that do not put too much friction or pressure during the head massage. Make sure that you are massaging with light hands.

head massage

Step 6

In the head massage, forehead massage is considered to be prominent. Most people understand that the forehead only covers the area between the eyes and the ears. But in fact, it also includes areas similar to the top part of your ear. Rotate your fingers lightly in the direction of the clock needles and massage the forehead.

head massage

Types of Massage

5 types of massage

Hair massage

You can do hair massage with or without oil at home. Hair massaging increases hair loss and reduces hair loss. The blood circulation of the skin is also increased by hair massage. Massaging your hair also strengthens your hair roots.

head massage

Head massage

Your head and forehead are massaged in a head massage. Massaging the head with the right technique stimulates the blood vessels of the head skin, and helps the blood vessels absorb oxygen well. Head massage also reduces the problem of headaches.

head massage

Body Massage

In body massage, your entire body is massaged. This includes face massage, foot massage, hand massage, waist massage, etc. Body massage increases blood circulation in your entire body, and all problems related to body pain go away.

head massage

Foot massage

Due to a busy day-long routine, you get tired and often have pain in the feet. For this, massaging the feet is very beneficial. Massaging the feet reduces the tension in the muscles as well as the pain of the feet. Massaging the legs also increases blood flow. To massage the feet, first press some special pressure points on the feet with a light hand. Then the whole leg is massaged slowly.

head massage
Panoramic shot of masseur doing foot massage to woman on massage table

Face Massage

You can either do massage daily, or you can get it done while doing facial. In the massage, the cheeks, forehead, and neck are massaged, the massage is done with light fingers. Keep in mind, one should never put more pressure on the face, otherwise, it can cause the skin of your face to hang.

head massage

Things to note

Never be quick to massage. It should be a luxurious and comfortable experience for your partner or whomever you are massaging.

Whichever you are massaging, your hands should be in contact with their skin the entire time during the massage- this will keep the pace in the massage and feel comfortable.

Many times your hands start hurting after massaging someone. So if you rub your palm, then you will get relief from hand pain.

Do not compress the spine and other bones. This will make the person you are massaging feel uncomfortable and the loss will be greater rather than benefiting from it.

Instead, you have to work on the muscles because this is where there is more tension. Massage the muscles only, you will not do wrong.

Before the massage, focus on it, do yoga, other mental methods, or pranayam and wear clothes in which you feel comfortable.

If your whole body is aching after the massage, drink plenty of water.

Before getting massaged in any health problem, please take the advice of your doctor.

Do not forget to massage in the problem like wound, injury, fracture, deep vein thrombosis.

If there is any problem due to massage or if the pain starts increasing then seek the advice of the doctor immediately.

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