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what are hair Spa, how to do it and get benefits

A hair spa is an easy way to make hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Many hair problems can be overcome by doing it. It is a process of at least 1 hour in which things like massage, hair spa cream, machine, hair mask, etc. are used. It can remove problems like dry hair, double-faced hair, hair loss, lifeless hair, etc. Different types of hair spas are done depending on the quality and texture of the hair. In the spa, fragrant water was commonly used in hair. Hair spa not only massages your hair but also nourishes hair. It is a better way to rejuvenate the lost hair tone, making the hair soft, silky, and shiny. Massage, steaming, conditioning, shampoo, and hair masks are used in hair spas. It can get rid of your hair dryness, double mouth hair problem, dandruff, hair loss, etc. Although not all people have the same hair spa, hair spas are done according to the type of hair. Hair spa treatment is done keeping in mind the type of hair.

Many massage therapies come in spa treatments. You choose it according to the texture of your hair. Spa treatments are usually in four to five steps in which oiling is done first, then oil massage, streaming, washing the oiled hair with a mild shampoo, and then using a hair mask. The special thing about hair spas is that they can be done by people of any age because hair care is important. Hair spa has many advantages – hair loss, dryness, dandruff, split hair, etc. It is very helpful in removing all the problems.

hair spa

How to do hair spa

step 1

Hair spa is an oil massage. Massaging the oil results in billed circulation in the head. And the hair is good. To do it, first, massage the hair with good oil. Coconut and almond oil are the best options for this. Heat some oil in a bowl. Then massage the head thoroughly for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The moisture of oil makes hair soft. If you want, you can use a vibrating massage brush instead of a hand.

hair spa

Step 2

Then it is time to steam the hair, for which you can also use a steaming machine. But if you do not have a steam machine, you just take a clean towel and soak it in warm water and squeeze it lightly. After that, wrap the towel well on oiled hair. Keep it on the heat for 20 minutes. And as soon as the towel cools down, then soak it back in hot water and wrap it on the head. By doing this process, the hair follicles of the head are opened and the oil gets inside well.

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Step 3

Now wash the hair with the help of a good shampoo and lukewarm water. Shampoo cleans the oil applied to the hair. One thing is to be careful not to use too much hot water to wash the hair and only mild shampoo of a good company should be used.

Hair spa cream comes in different types of hair spas, depending on the type of hair, which cream will be used in your spa. Many people have dry hair, then someone’s oily and hair cream are used on this basis.

hair spa

Step 4

Condition the hair well after shampooing to make the hair soft and frizzy. It acts as a hair mask in a way. For this, you can use homemade or any conditioner purchased from the market. Keep homemade conditioner for 15 to 20 minutes and market-bought conditioner for 5 minutes. After this wash the hair. The use of conditioner makes the hair very soft and increases its shine. Therefore, after shampooing, apply conditioner to the hair.

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Step 5

The last step of a hair spa is a hair mask. A hair mask completely nourishes hair. It is more beneficial to use homemade hair masks. For which yogurt can be used. Put on a hair mask and leave it for an hour.

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Step 6

After that wash the hair with the help of mild shampoo. Then dry the hair after that. This will make the hair look beautiful. Now your hair spa is complete. In this way, you can do a hair spa-like hair parlor at home.

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Types of hair spas

6 types of hair spas

Mint Spa

If your hair is weak, then Mint Spa is beneficial for you. This strengthens the hair and provides coolness to the mind.

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Ayurvedic Spa

If you are suffering from sinus, migraine, cold, and chest pain, then this spa is very beneficial for you. In this spa, from the middle of the stomach to the upper part of the body, unnecessary energy is extracted. Along with this, herbal tears are blown into the nose holes.

hair spa

Lander Spa

This hair spa is mainly done in the summer and rainy seasons and is also very beneficial for the skin. This massage is done in the sunlight with the help of kommil and lavender. You can also use cucumbers in it.

ayurvedic hair spa

Cucumber Aloe Vera Massage

This massage is used to make the body energized. In this, cooling the cucumbers and aloe vera provides coolness to the body, and then pressing with the palm, rubs the entire body.

Ayurvedic Dhara Therapy

This treatment is very beneficial if you have a weak memory, headache, or have an ear, nose disease. This massage is used to relieve fatigue and lethargy. In this, the whole body is massaged with fragrant oil and then gently rubs on the head and rubs it gently.

Hand & Foot Spa

You can also do a hand and foot spa at home. To make it finely chop the cucumber. Take some mint leaves. And make lukewarm water in a vessel. Now add cucumber, mint, peppermint essential oil. Now immerse your hands and feet in this water for 15-20 minutes. When the water starts getting cold, then heat the water and soak the towel and squeeze it. Now wrap this towel in your hands and feet. After this procedure, apply Revitalizing Cooling Losan in rounding and massage. Then put the feet in warm water.

hand and foot spa

Things to note

Avoid using shampoo directly before or after doing it. To shampoo the hair, first, dilute it by mixing it in water. This will not damage your hair.

After doing it, the girls stop oiling, which is wrong. To make hair soft and strong, regular oiling after it is very important.

Keep your hair away from sunlight and pollution while going out of the house. For this, you can cover the hair with a scarf or a hat.

Do not ignore the conditioner after the hair spa. The use of conditioner keeps the hair shine’s effect for a long time and also maintains the shine of the hair. Also do not forget to use hair serum with a regular conditioner.

Of course, it is necessary to use conditioner after doing it but use them only after a few days.

Do not use hair wash or water on hair for 2-3 days of doing it. Deep conditioning of hair is done at the hair spa. In such a situation, if you wash your hair immediately, the moisture will come out and you will not get any benefit from the spa.

Avoid getting the hair colored or highlighted for some time after getting it done. Apart from this, do not get any treatment done in the hair.

Taking a hot shower after a hair spa will also spoil your hair. Hot shower damages the hair moisturizer and also eliminates the benefit of the spa.

Do not use heat or styling tools for some time. If you want to use them then apply anti-heat spray on the hair first.

Using a wide comb to comb your hair is perfect for you. This will get your hair properly sorted and not break.

hair Spa Benefits

1. it Relaxes your body and brain.

2. Massage, bath, yoga, meditation and natural herbs in the spa helps in removing the body’s toxins and dead skin. Due to which the body is purified.

3. In spas and body spas, the muscles are pressurized in different ways through massage. Thereby relieving stress and fatigue rapidly.

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