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What is hair dye, methods, types, and precaution

Hair dye is also called hair coloring, in which hair is dyed. People usually dye their hair when most of the hair turns white. Changing hair color is in great trend nowadays. Sometimes hair coloring is also done to restore the natural color of the hair which has been damaged due to any other hair treatment. Earlier there was only one color on the hair but now due to the new trend, hair is dyed by mixing many colors. In the highlighting, some parts of the hair are colored with the help of lighters. In low lighting, some parts of the hair are dyed with darker colors.

Hair dye method

step 1

hair color such as Burgundy, Dark Brown, Red Color, Natural, Gold, Chocolate, Cherry Brown, Red, etc. You should choose the hair color for yourself according to your personality.

Step 2

Before coloring hair, wash and dry them properly, and color them by lifting the hair from one end of the comb.

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Step 3

First of all, mix the color and put the developer in the box in a bowl. Then mix both of them well with a brush, so that its color starts to appear.

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You can also apply oil or Vaseline to your hands before applying step-4 color, this will remove the hair color easily from your hands.

Step 5

Now place the towel around your head, and wear the globs in your hands. In this way, there will be no color in your hands and clothes.

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Step 6

First of all start applying hair color from the hair near the forehead, instead of coloring the hair at once, color it on a small part. In this, you start applying color from the forehead and slowly apply the color well on the entire hair of that part. After this, follow the same procedure in the remaining hair also.

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Step 7

After applying the color to the entire hair, leave the color like that for half an hour. Or keep it like this until the color becomes pleasant in the hair.

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Step 8

When the time is over, wash your hair with water. And wash until there is clear water coming out of your hair. Keep in mind that the color should be removed from the hair properly so that there is no problem of dandruff or skin irritation in your hair later.

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Types of hair dye

Temporary Hair Color

Temporary color is an innovation in hair color types. These are shades of gray and pastels. It is used to give a bold look. Not everyone can stay with the bold look for a long time, so it is used as a temperate color, which goes away slowly when shampooing.

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Semi-Permanent Hair Color

If you want to keep your temporary hair color for a long time, then this semi-permanent hair dye is the best option for you. They provide shine to the hair and can last up to 8 – 10 times.

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Permanent Hair Color

The use of permanent color is like reducing the original color of your hair and applying a new color coating over it. Light brown and gray colors are more prevalent in this. Whatever the wash of the permanent color, they are not fed, yes their brightness decreases with time.

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This style of hair coloring is very fashionable today. Every age group wants to adopt this style. Instead of coloring all the hair in it, the thin streaks of the hair are highlighted, that too with the color of your choice. Highlights also last longer.

Highlight includes many other options like-

Ombre – Ombre hair color leaves the natural color at the root and gradually fades under the hair in a slightly highlighted tone.

Balayage – This highlighting technique involves painting over highlights, and helps to give tired-looking hair a youthful glow.

Lowlights – Instead of choosing different products to lighten the color of the hair, this technique can offer darker tones of the hair, which gives a shine to the hair.

Textured Highlights – This method of highlights works in many ways to give you a new look. Many types of hair colors are used in it.

Root Color – White, gray, or gray hair can spoil your personality, so such people need a complete hair dye. So that your gray, white, and brown hair is not visible to anyone. In such a situation, root touch-ups can be the best way to help maintain your natural complexion. If you want to go somewhere in a hurry and you want to hide your gray and white hair, then there is also a temporary root cover-up spray, which will remove tension in a short time, this is the best for a last-minute touch-up There is an option.

Hair Bleach – It is used to lighten hair color. Bleach is a great way to make hair color lighter and shinier. Bleach also causes harm, so be careful. Never try to do it yourself at home.

Things to note while doing hair dye

If you are coloring hair at home, before washing hair, wash and dry them properly, and color them by lifting the hair from one end of the comb.

Make sure to use brushes and hand gloves and take special care of eye protection.

To avoid any kind of side effects of dye, you should first get hair color done by an experienced person or a professional person.

If you dye the hair yourself, then after that do not forget to do conditioner in the hair. Also, get hair spa and serum treatment done by an experienced person only. Due to these treatments, the hair color will stay on your hair for a long time.

After shaving hair, you should not shampoo for a full 72 hours, that is, for 3 days. By doing this, the hair cuticle gets full time to lock the color, so that the color stays on the hair for a long time.

Also, do not shampoo frequently every week. This is because more shampoo not only ends the natural oil of the hair but also reduces the color molecules in the hair. So if your hair becomes oily or grizzly after not shampooing for 1 or 2 days, then use dry shampoo in the hair roots.

You should use filtered water to wash your colored hair. Do not wash the hair with hot water as it ends both color and moisturization of the hair.

If you want to curl hair or straighten curly hair, then do it only after 15-20 days of coloring. When both work together, the chemical pressure on the hair is high and your hair may become weak.

If you have any kind of allergy, dandruff, or another discomfort, avoid coloring your hair.

Dye it carefully, because once it is dyed, it damages the hair to remove it. This also causes hair to fall and fall. Do not dye your hair just for the sake of fashion.

Different shampoos for dyed hair are available in the market. Use this shampoo after hair color.

Protect your hair from strong sunlight as it can dry the hair and lighten the hair color.

Deep conditioning hair once a month and use conditioner after each shampoo.

If you have two mouths, then trimming hair before coloring is a must.

For coloring hair, you mustn’t apply mehndi in your hair 4-5 months in advance.

Avoid using dandruff shampoo after coloring. The chemicals present in dandruff shampoos can blow color from the hair.

Do not use the dryer to dry hair. Also, avoid using other styling products.

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