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What are facials, procedure and types

Facial is a beauty procedure, in which beauty treatments are given to make your face look beautiful. A facial is quite popular because it cleans and nourishes the skin and makes it soft and soft. For this, you have to go to the parlor and get your face massaged. Or you can do it yourself at home. There is no need to do this daily. This treatment should be done at least once in three months. Many times it gets wrinkled on the face. Because even if chemical products benefit immediately, so will the losses. But getting facials removes all the dust, blackheads, and blackness of the face. And the face glows, and it lasts for a long time.

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How to do facials

Step 1

Is the first step of the facial, deep cleansing of the face. If you have done makeup, first remove it with a makeup remover then apply cleansing milk or baby oil in a cotton ball and rotate it in a circular motion on the face. Then wash the face with face wash.

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Step 2

Scrubbing After cleansing, it is time to scrub the face so that the dead skin is removed. Scrub you can take any good brand, but take Scrub Mild. If you want, you can also apply homemade face scrub. If you have more blackheads on your face, soak a cotton handkerchief in hot water and cover the face before scrubbing, which opens the closed pores due to steam and the scrub effect is also good. Massage for about 3 minutes in a circular motion by applying a scrub on the face.

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Step 3

Steam is the most special step of facials. This causes the skin to relax as well as open the pores. This makes you feel good by getting the toxins out of the skin. Heat the water and give it a stem face. You can also add rosemary or chamomile flowers to the water. Do not take steam for more than 10 to 15 minutes.

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Step 4

After scrubbing the face, the open pores need to be closed. So after scrubbing, apply toner or rose water on the face. If you wish, after cooling the green tea, you can use it as a toner by putting it in a spray bottle.

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Step 5

Now it is the turn to nourish the face. In this step, you can apply any pack on the face that suits your skin. Place the pack on the face for 15 minutes and place cucumber slices on the eyes.

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Step 6

Now after removing the pack on the face, it is time to massage the face. This increases blood circulation of the facial skin and adds glow to the skin. You can also take almond oil, olive oil, or some good cream for massage. Massage for about 5 minutes after applying cream or oil on the face. Massage from top to bottom. While making facials at home, keep in mind that facials at night and sleep after that. On waking up in the morning, you will have a new glow on your face.

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Facial Types

5 types of facials

Gold Facials – This is a simple and great way to make the skin glow. Gold facials make the skin healthy and glowing. It is beneficial on all skin types but it is more effective on lifeless skin. How much gold is to be used in this quantity varies, so its effect also varies.

Fruit Facials- Fruit facials are made for all skin types. But still, those who have sensitive skin should not use fruit facials, because active enzymes of the fruits act on the skin, which can cause you to feel swollen or itchy. Fruit facials deeply cleanse the skin, remove dark spots and make the skin shiny. It naturally lightens the skin due to the vitamin C present in the fruit.

Diamond Facials – This facial suits all skin types. Its fine dust massage cream is beneficial in reducing wrinkles and pimples. Along with this, it also makes the skinny blonde. This facial is perfect for wedding functions.

Aroma Therapy Facials- This is a great way to give a new look to the skin with Aroma Therapy Oils. This facial not only relaxes your mind but also makes the skin healthy, glowing, and moisturizing. Its most important thing is that only aromatherapy oils are used in it, which results in better results. It naturally reduces the effects of age on the skin.

Acne Reduction Facial – This facial is better for people whose skin is sensitive to acne. It removes pimples and pimples. This facial cleanses the pores of the skin to the depths of the pores, which removes excess oil. It not only doth nail pimples, but it also lightens pimples marks.

Things to note

Scrubbers should not be used on the face for at least 5 days after getting the facials done, because during the facials the skin has gone through a lot of friction etc. usage.

Do not use harsh or poor-quality face washes or soaps on the face. Use only gentle face wash before and after facials.

Do not use any cream or sunscreen lotion on the day you have taken facial treatment.

Heavy makeup should not be done after facials.

Do not leave in the sun after getting the facial done.

Do not get any type of skin treatment after facials such as threading, waxing, laser treatment. You should get all these treatments done carefully before getting the facial done because once the facial is done, you can take any type of skin treatment after at least one week.

Do not go to the gym after getting facials nor do any type of workout or workout. This is because the perspiration and excessive heat generated as a result of exercise can irritate the exfoliated face.

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