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Types of Lipsticks, How to apply Lipstick

Every girl applies lipstick, but do you know that lipsticks are not just different colors? There are many types of lipsticks. Yes, there are many lipsticks ranging from crayon lipsticks to sheer lipsticks, matte lipsticks and the like. You should not be left behind in terms of makeup, so now we are going to tell you that there are 6 types of lipsticks and what lipstick to wear will give you a look and when you should apply it, you should also take all these beauty tips.

Types of Lipstick

1. crayon Lipstick

Crayon lipstick looks like crayon colors, although its size is slightly larger than the color. You can apply this lipstick on your lips like a balm. Crayon lipstick softens and moisturizes your lips. Women who have dry or cracked lips should apply this lipstick.

2. matte lipsticks

Matte lipstick gives dry look to lips. The biggest advantage of applying this lipstick is that it stays for a long time. You can go to any big official meeting or party by applying it. Always apply lip balm to your lips before applying matte lipstick and if your lips are dry or tattered then do not apply matte lipstick, it will spoil your look.

3. Sheer Lipsticks

You can apply sheer lipstick for a natural look. While applying it, one thing must be kept in mind that before applying sheer lipstick, make a base with a concealer on the lip, or else soften the lips with a mild balm. If you apply such lipstick then it will suit you more.

4 . Creme lipsticks

Creme lipstick has a very matte look but it is creamy and does not make your lips look dry. Crème lipsticks are more moisturized than matte which gives a smooth look to your lips. But one thing is that this lipstick lasts less than matte. Not only this, it also spreads many times. Therefore, you should apply this lipstick only in a place where there is less food or drink, or you can wipe again and apply lipstick again. If you want that the creme lipstick does not spread, then you outline before applying it, it will benefit you.

5. Lip Tints & Lip Stains

Lip tints and lip stains come like markers and sponges, it gives a natural look to your lips. If you do not like to apply lipstick or you do not like to apply lipstick properly, then you can definitely try this lipstick.

6. glossy lipsticks

Glossy lipstick gives your lips a shiny look. If your lips are thin, then you should apply glossy color, it will suit you more. Although these lipsticks get fed quickly, but when you go to a party by applying glossy lip color, your lip color more than your makeup attracts the attention of people.

How to Apply Lipstick

Step -1. Prepare lips

In this step, lips are prepared for applying lipstick. If your lips are dry or rough, exfoliate them with a lip scrub and then moisturize them by applying lip balm them. If you wish, you can also apply lip primer after this. With the help of a primer, the lipstick will last longer and its color will not be too light.

Step – 2. Set the base

If there is any decoloration or pigmentation on the lips, it may be that the color of the lipstick does not reflect correctly on them. In this case, apply concealer on the lips to remove the blackness. You can apply it with the help of fingers or a flat brush. Keep in mind that do not rub it on the lips, but pat it on the lips. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the shade of the concealer matches the skin of the lips. Next, complete the base by applying a little compact powder to the last.

Step – 3. Lip Liner

Lip liner helps to show the shape of lips correctly. In addition, applying lip liner can prevent lipstick from spreading outside the lips. For this, start the pencil on the border of the lips, starting from the V shape of your upper lip. Try not to make the pencil too sharp, it may cause problems in shaping on the lips. Also, it is also important to keep in mind that the lip liner is of the same color as the lipstick. Its color should not be darker than the shade of lipstick.

Step – 4. Apply lipstick

Now the time has come to pick up the most important product and that is lipstick. You can use a brush instead of applying lipstick directly to the lips. For this, take a little lip color brush with lipstick and start applying it on the lips. Start with the V shape of the upper lips and then apply it slowly on the entire lips. First apply a light coat and then with the help of the next coat, deepen the color of the lipstick as per your requirement. Keep in mind that all the corners of the lips are also well covered.

Step – 5. Finishing Touch

After applying the lipstick, wipe the lipstick spread around the lips with the help of an earbud. You can apply concealer around the lips with the help of a flat brush to give a better shape to the lips. In addition, you can also apply lip gloss to the lips on the last to give your lips a glossy look, however, this is completely optional.

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