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Types of heels, wear heels according to the dress

If you like to wear heels and call all sandals only heeled sandals, then you should know the correct name of the shape of the heel. If you wear the right heels with any dress at the right time, then your look will be glamorous and you will look stylish. Before the event, every look of the Bollywood actress is decided by her stylist because she knows very well what to wear with which dress, then you can be your stylist, know what kind of dress you should wear with footwear.

Heels are a women’s best friend! And if you can walk around in them comfortably, then you should keep a few pairs of heels in your wardrobe. However, heels also come in many varieties and all are made with a specific purpose so that you can choose according to your taste and convenience. In this article, the same variety and features of heels have been told.

1. Stilettos heels

High and narrow stilettos make the legs appear longer and thinner. The stilettos are thinner in the front than the back and are pointed near the fingers. Though they are difficult to wear for long periods, they certainly make for a statement look. You can cherish the stilettos for those night parties in which you want to look gorgeous. And of course, you should take care that you have to walk less at the party.

2. Pumps heels

Pumps are generally less high as compared to stilettos. The height of the pumps is straight, due to which it is easy to move. You can choose pumps that cover your feet completely or open slightly at the front as per your choice. If you are going to buy the first pair of pumps, then prefer black or nude color. Pump heels give a formal look. You can not only wear these types of heels for official meetings but they also go well with saris and suits. If you want an elegant look then you can wear this type of footwear.

3. Block heels

When you think of heels that are very comfortable to walk in, the picture of block heels comes to mind. These are wider than stilettos and pumps and work to keep your posture more stable. Whether you choose a slender base or full wedge or mules. But make sure to keep at least one pair for yourself, which are trending and look perfect for every occasion.

4. Platform heels

Although you can’t wear them every day, platform heels are very comfortable. These are a great option for those days when you have to walk a lot. Their heels are similar and due to this, your feet are balanced. Platform heels are mostly worn by girls whose height is very low and they need to wear heels throughout the day. They are quite comfortable to wear but these platform heels suit more western attire than Indian ones.

5. Kitten heels

Kitten heels are for those who shy away from high heels. Or you are tall enough that you don’t feel the need to add extra length. They are neither very high nor narrow, hence they fall under the category of comfortable heels. It also works to enhance your outfit look. The best thing about them is that you can even use them daily.

6. Espadrilles heels

These casual, rope-solid shoes are either flat or high-heeled. Perfect for those looking for a comfortable pair of edgy styles!

7. Slingback heels

Slingback heels give a very glamorous look but you can wear them only if you wear a western dress in which the lags are visible, that is, you do not wear slingback heels with a floor-length dress. You can wear it with a culotte, Capri, skirt. 

8. Peep toe heels

In peep-toe heels, the toes are visible from the front, so you should make sure that your feet are properly pedicure and nail paint is also applied on them. You can wear it with formal pants, a skirt, a saree or a suit. By the way, many girls like to wear peep-toe heels with their wedding lehenga, it is very comfortable footwear and gives a modern look.

9. Mule heels

Mule heels come in a variety of sizes. If you are going to a party or meeting where you are going to stand for a long time, then you can go wearing mule heels. Wearing it makes every girl feel confident. You can also wear it with a floor-length gown. This Anarkali goes well with suits or pants too.

10. French heels

French heels are mostly worn by professional girls who dance. Although you can wear this footwear with a long skirt as well, when you are going to an English party where there is a dress code, you can wear French heels. By the way, such heels rarely match with Indian fashion. 

11. Cone heels

Most of the girls have cone heels, they not only give you a glamorous look but they are also comfortable to wear. Cone heels are shaped like a cone, becoming thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom. You can wear it with any Indian outfit like saree and lehenga to gown, short dress or pants.

12. Ballroom heels

Ballroom heels are especially worn during the dance. It is a bit difficult to balance in this heel. But girls who are professional dancers wear it during special performances. After wearing this heel, the shape of the waist is also formed.

 If you are crazy about wearing heels and you only have one or two types of heels, then now you can wear these types of heels too. From pencil heels to platform heels, cone heels are the favorite heels of all girls. So if you too go to a party with a perfect look by wearing perfect heels according to yo

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