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Types of Concealer, How to apply Concealer

What is Concealer?

Many people do not even know what a concealer is and how it is used in makeup. So let us tell you that concealer is a very important makeup product. Concealer used to hide face stains, spots and sometimes red patches. You can also use it to hide your dark circles.For this, you only apply orange color based concealer while use green concealer to hide the redness that comes in the face. It does not cause acne on the face.

Types of concealer

So let us tell you that the concealer is available in many types and sizes. In such a situation, it is very important that you use the right and best concealer. For this, you should know the type of concealer and your skin type. There are many types of concealer, so know that you should apply stick, liquid or cream for perfect look, which of the following concealer .

Cream based concealer

Cream-based concealers are mainly used for dry and combination skin. This type of concealer is best for the winter season. But if you are using it in the summer season, then you may need face powder or setting powder to set it.

Pen Concealer

Nowadays, the pen concealer is quite popular. Because your makeup takes up less space in the box and is also much easier to put together. It is the best concealer type for normal and combination skin. Pen Concealer is very helpful in hiding pimples and dark spots.

Stick concealer

Stick concealers come in the shape of the lipstick. This type of concealer is quite soft in texture, making its application easy. Also, Concealer suits almost every type of skin except oily skin.

Liquid concealer

If your skin is oily and the facial pores are large, then avoid applying cream-based or stick concealer, as it makes the pores look bigger and bigger. In such a situation, you should use liquid concealer only. According to experts, Liquid Concealer is best for oily skin.

How to apply a concealer and how to choose the right concealer –

Concealer is an important product to give a perfect makeup look to your face, it helps hide all the imperfections of the face easily. Concealer is one of the essential products used in makeup. It brightens tired faces. It also hides unsightly sunspots on your face and the marks of other blemishes. With the help of concealer, you can hide the dark circles and wrinkles on your face for some time. Concealer is used in many ways in makeup. If your face is dark and also has problems with dark circles, fine lines, acne, then the concealer is a useful product, which plays an important role in facial makeup.

How to apply concealer

It is very important to cover the dark circles under the eyes while doing makeup and it only works by the concealer. Concealer can be used using a brush or finger tip. So let’s know how to apply makeup concealer and also know how to apply concealer properly Step by step –

Step 1 – First of all, wash your face with the help of scrub and wipe the mouth and apply moisturizer.

Step 2 – Apply makeup primer to make the makeup last longer.

Step 3 – Now mix the color character of orange and yellow color, apply it on the black circles under the eyes. For this, draw a line from it under the eyes and then make a V-shape, taking the concealer towards the cheeks according to the length of the dark circle. This will provide full coverage.

Step 4 – Now blend it well with the help of a beauty blender.

Step 5 – After this, take the best foundation and blend it well on the face with the help of a makeup blender.

Step 6 – If you still see dark circles or dark spots, then you can cover them with the help of a liquid concealer.

Step 7 – Apply a translucent setting powder with a large brush to set the makeup and allow the makeup to set well.

After applying concealer to your facial spots or acne, it is also important to note that not all dark spots and eye circles are covered properly. After applying the concealer properly, a layer of foundation should be applied to it. However, if you have any skin problems then apply foundation first and then concealer. If you have any spots or pimples on your skin, first apply concealer and then foundation.

Keep these things in mind while applying the Concealer

Choose makeup concealer according to skin type – Many brands provide their concealer in the market. But it is very important that you choose it properly keeping your skin in mind. You must have the right information about the election of the Concealer. For this, you can also use your makeup expert.

Do the skin tone test of the concealer, never on the hands like the rest of the products, but on the face. Make sure that you do not have any make-up on your face while doing the test. Always choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. For this, while purchasing the concealer, check its shed in natural light.

Which concealer will be perfect for you in all types of makeup concealers? Making these choices can be a difficult task for you. Because everyone’s skin tone is different.

If someone’s skin is dry, then someone’s oily, some people’s skin type is normal or dry and oily combination. But we are trying to remove this confusion from you and tell you which will be the best concealer ie the best concealer, which will also suit your skin tone and will also give you the perfect makeup look.

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