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Smooth skin home remedies, how to get clear skin naturally at home

The body remains healthy, fat-fresh and the skin is dry, rough, beauty is affected. Many types of chemical creams and lotions are available in the market to make the skin soft and shiny, but how much they are capable of providing permanent glow and softness to the skin, nothing can be said about the opposite side. The effect also cannot be ruled out. But there are some home remedies to improve the skin, which not only make the skin soft and shiny but also have no side effects, today we are going to discuss them only.

Natural remedies for skin whitening

Curd and tomato

Make a paste by taking an equal amount of curd and tomato pulp, apply it on the face and neck, and dry it with water when dried. With the use of a few days, the color will be clear and the pimples will disappear.


Applying peppermint juice provides relief in irritation of palms and soles. The mint leaves are cold. Applying it on the face in summer gives relief. By drinking, also cools the stomach.

Flour bran or semolina

Flour bran or semolina is effective for scrubbing of face and hands and feet. It should be mixed with cream or curd. When dry, wipe with a towel. Those who have oily skin, buttermilk, and those whose skin is dry should use cream. This also removes blackheads.


Orange is rich in vitamin C, its skin keeps healthy. Dry the orange peel in the shade and make a powder. By mixing it in honey or curd and applying it like a boil on the face, the dead cells are cleared and new cells are born.

Honey and lemon

Applying honey and lemon juice together makes the skin clean and soft. Glows on the face. What needs to be noted is that the amount of lemon is not high. Sometimes lemon juice can add a lot of cream instead of honey.


Applying ground cucumber on the face and neck gives a glow on the skin, the skin is cold. When it dries after applying, clean it thoroughly with water.

Pomegranate juice

Take out the pomegranate juice and fill it in a clean glass bottle. In summer, it can be used for toning, cleaning, and opening of the skin pores. It can be applied directly and can also be used as a spray.


Those who have oily skin should take care that after applying anything on the face, do not rub too much, this can cause the skin to become rough.

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