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the best home remedies for dry lips

It is said that even a small smile can make a bad thing, but if the black color of the lips or dry lips is preventing you from laughing openly, then there is no reason to panic. We will not tell you the expensive treatment of the parlor, but some such home remedies, which will solve your problem. Since nowadays not only women but also men have started paying attention to their body, fashion, nan-nash, in such a way, both these methods can be adopted.

Lip balm is coconut oil

Apply coconut oil like lip balm on your lips during the day. If you apply it to Sony earlier in the night, then there will be more benefit. This will also remove the problem of your dry lips and in a few days your lips will start appearing beautiful.

home remedies for dry lips

Baking soda is miraculous

Mix so much baking soda in the water that the paste is ready. Apply this paste on your lips. Scrub in circulation motion with your finger or toothbrush for 2 minutes 3 minutes. Then wash the lips with water and clean them with a cloth. After that apply olive oil or olive oil on the lips. You can do this process 3-4 days a week, that is, except one day. Scrubbing will remove dead cells, which have darkened lip color. Applying olive oil will make lips soft.

home remedies for dry lips

Lemon honey sip serum has power

Prepare one lemon juice, a little honey, a soft cloth and water. To remove the tanning of lips, add honey to lemon juice. Let it sit on your lips for an hour and then clean it with a soft, wet cloth. You can also do this procedure 2 times a day. Lemon will remove the tanning of lips and use of honey will make lips soft.

home remedies for dry lips

Glycerin is an easy recipe

Buy a bottle of glycerin from any good company. Before bed, rub it with cotton on your lips. In a few days, lips will start to become pink and soft. Do this process everyday. Lips begin to darken due to sun rays or cracked lips. With the use of glycerin, you will find their whereabouts and the problem of dry lips will also be removed in a pinch.

home remedies for dry lips

Aloe vera for softness

You take aloe vera gel and apply it on your lips until it is dry. Then wash it with lukewarm water. You can do this process once every day. The flavonoids present in aloe vera prevent the lips from turning black and make them shiny, soft, clean, and healthy.

home remedies for dry lips

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