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How to use face roller massager

Face a roller is a beauty tool that can enhance the face of your face by making your skin young. Face roller is used to remove many skin-related problems. It can also be used for massage on the face, neck, and head. Actually, with the help of a roller, blood circulation in the skin can be improved. Troubles such as acne and rash on the face can be reduced due to better blood circulation. At the same time, you can feel freshness on the face using it. At the same time, the regular face massage causes the spots to disappear and the wrinkles that show the effect of age are gradually reduced. Let us tell you about the use of face rollers in detail today.

Advantages of using face roller

Massaging your face with a face roller can give you many benefits related to the skin. This can reduce stress and it can make you feel more relaxed after massaging the face.

1. Improves blood circulation in the face. Using a face roller can stimulate blood flow to the face, which can cause your skin to glow.

2. Puffiness of rolling face may be reduced.

3. Massaging the face with it can improve your mood.

4. If you store your roller in the refrigerator and then do face massage, then it gives your skin more comfort.

5. Can de-puff your skin and tighten pores.

6. Rollers are usually used with an oil or moisturizer to help slip the tool over your skin. In this way, it can improve your face with a moisturizer.

7. The roller can be used to remove fluid from the face, which temporarily freezes your face somewhere. For this, use the roller under the ear.

8. These activity can stimulate the extraction of toxins from the face. In this way it can help to detox your face.

How to use the roller on the face

1. Apply facial oil, serum or moisturizer and massage it with a roller.

2. Start at the neck and roll upwards.

3. Using gentle pressure, roll from jaw to ear on both sides.

4. Use a roller on every bone of the face.

5. Massage your forehead with a roller.

How often should you use a face roller?

You should massage your face daily with a face roller. You have to do this for a few minutes, in which it can give you benefits like de-stressing and de-puffing. A 2018 study showed that using a facial massage roller for just 5 minutes can increase blood flow to the cheeks.

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