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How to remove acne scars

Acne is the most irritating disease among the common skin diseases because it directly affects your beauty. By the way, it is normal to have pimples at the age of 17-21. Because at this age hormones such as estrogen and progesterone keep decreasing and increasing due to which the secretion of oil starts in the face and acne starts on the face. But perhaps you will be surprised to know that home remedies for pimples are more beneficial for pimples according to Ayurveda. here are some introduction about acene scars

What are acne

Vata-Pitta-Kapha doshas are present in our bodies. When unbalanced, many types of diseases start in the body. In the same way, due to the imbalance of pitta and phlegm defect in pimples, there is a blockage in the sebaceous gland. Due to this, the small hair follicles present in the skin close and the oil follicles coming out of the skin starts to collect in the pores, due to which small round pimples in the skin are called acne. In most cases, these pimples are cured with home remedies.

Acne is caused by an imbalance of bile and phlegm defects. This imbalance of Dosha reaches the body and weakens our digestive system (Digestive system), due to which the food eaten is not digested properly and the stomach is not well cleaned. If the stomach is not well cleaned, then the toxic (Toxin) of our body does not come out and make the blood of the body dirty. Because of which the facial follicles close the pores.

Causes of acne

There are many reasons for getting acne in general but among them, diet and lifestyle are the main ones that cause acne. Let us know about them and what are the reasons other than these two. But no matter what the reason, home remedies are very beneficial.

Diet plan or diet – eat more oily, chili spices; Eating outside things such as pizza, burgers, pastries, ice cream, etc., against food such as Incompatible food (salt with milk), overeating of things made from fine flour are the cause of acne.

If you have a mother or father in your family complaining of pimples, then you will also start getting acne (12-18). It is not necessary to treat these pimples but they get cured on their own with time.

Infections (Bactria) – Bacterial on the face is also the main reason because acne is caused by bacteria, due to which the red-colored rash starts on the face, which causes pain on touching.

Mental stress – One of the reasons for acne on the face is mental stress because due to excessive mental stress, the secretion of stress hormones is high due to the imbalance of hormones present in the body. Because of which acne starts on the face.

Obstruction in sebecausgland – According to Ayurveda, when the doshas become imbalanced, they block the small pores of the face by obstructing the dermal gland present on the face. Sebum or oily secretion occurs from the perforation of the facial follicles, but due to the closure of the pore, this oil gathers in the facial pores and takes the form of eruptions or pimples on the face.

Contraceptive pills – Women who eat more contraceptive drugs tend to have unbalanced body hormones such as androgen and progesterone (Progesterone) and cause excessive secretion of the sebum due to which the skin The follicles become clogged and become acne. These pimples are not cured with home remedies contact the doctor for its treatment.

Symptoms of acne

By the way, the emergence of pimples is its basic symptom. But apart from this, there are other symptoms-

  • Whiteheads
  • Small red papules
  • Pus filling in knots
  • Cyst

How to prevent acne

Though it is common to have pimples, the changes in your diet, everyday habits, and make-up methods can reduce the occurrence of pimples to some extent.

Changes related to food and drink

Do not consume things made with milk

Product made from milk in large quantities should not be taken. Because buffalo or cow’s hormones cause more secretion of sebum from the oily glands of the face, which causes acne.

Do not consume meat

If you want to cure acne then you should stop taking meat immediately like- chicken, pork, beef, all things you can eat in very small amounts. Only 1/6 portion can be eaten because the meat is very acidic. Which makes the body’s pH level unbalanced and meat contains a high amount of protein which takes a long time to digest.

Avoid things made with sugar

A product made more than sugar should not be eaten immediately because it causes inflammation in the pimples of the skin.

Do these things in diet

Consumption of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin ‘C’ and vitamin ‘D’

Orange, Pomegranate, Mousambi, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Papaya, Apple, Tomato, Banana, Lemon etc. should be consumed as it contains a lot of Vitamin ‘A’ and Vitamin ‘D’ which reduce the pimples of the skin and Makes the face healthy.

Green vegetables intake

Gourd, luffa, spinach, carrot, amla, beet, etc. should be consumed as it is rich in vitamin ‘B’ and vitamin ‘E’.

Chia Seed Use

Chia seeds should be eaten at breakfast as it works to flush out the body’s toxins (toxins).

Lifestyle changes

  • One should drink 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Light meals at night like; Oatmeal, khichdi, coral lentils, oats, etc. should be eaten.
  • After eating food at night one should take a walk so that the food can be digested properly.
  • One should sleep at night so that the stress hormones remain balanced.
  • 10-12 glasses of water should be drunk daily.
  • Outside things like; Pizza, burgers, scrum, chocolate, and samosas, etc. should not be eaten.

Makeup changes
Apart from home remedies for acne keep in mind some things while doing makeup. Doing this reduces the chances of getting pimples again.

Oily Makeup – Oily makeup like almond oil etc. should not be used on the face. Because almonds work to close the pore of the face. Due to which acne begins to develop in the face.

Algae extract – This chemical is mainly found in a Beauty Product Concealer, excessive use stops the pores of the face and sometimes causes itching and burning on the facial skin.

Shea butter – It mainly makes the skin soft and soft but due to having more oil in it, the skin follicles close the pores. It should be used mainly for those with dry skin.

Ethylhexyl Palmitate – It contains a large amount of fatty acid which imbalances the pH level of the skin.

Best home remedies for acne overnight

Generally, home remedies are used to remove acne. These contain those things that can be easily mixed in the house or easy to use. Let us know about them in detail.

rosewater for acne

100 ml Gulabjal, 50 ml Lemon juice, 20 ml glycerin, and 20 ml Mix cucumber juice together and fill it in a glass bottle. Wash face and wipe it with plain water every night. Then leave this mixture on the face overnight and wash it in the morning with plain water. By using it for three weeks, the skin stains, spots, acne are eliminated and the complexion of the face improves.

neem for acne

To make neem paste, mix 10-15 neem leaves, 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder, and 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder together. Clean the neem leaves thoroughly, then mix sandalwood powder and turmeric with neem leaves, grind them and make a paste, apply it on the face for half an hour like a mask, and then wash the face thoroughly with plain water. Acne is cured by applying this paste daily for two weeks because neem has anti-bacterial properties. It is an effective home remedy to remove pimples.

Turmeric for acne

Using turmeric is a very popular home remedy for pimples. Mix 1 / 2-1 / 4 teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and dissolve it in rose water or plain water and make a thick paste and apply it as a mask in the face for half an hour and wash it with plain water. If the skin is dry then apply rose water on the face after dusting the mask. Turmeric possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in nature.

Honey and cinnamon for acne

Home remedies for pimples have proved to be very beneficial. Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder or as per need and make a paste by mixing it with honey, then put the paste to sleep only overnight, where there is acne or rash. Wake up in the morning and wash the face with fresh water. Cinnamon should also be used in food as it has strong properties, which reduce the body’s blood sugar and insulin and helps to open the pores of the face.

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