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how to become a beautician,course and salary

if you want to become a beautician then here the steps to be followed

Beautician course


The beauty parlor course is a course in which you can enhance your beauty and make it the medium of your income. Some women open their parlor after learning this course and start learning further. Many girls do this course. It does not require much qualification to open a beauty parlor. This is a business that can be done by every person who has an interest and wants to get a break in this field. There are some girls who learn only enough to show themselves beautiful, or to help others a little. But some girls learn it completely so that they can go ahead and make a career in it. While learning this, keep one thing in mind that it is not that, you will come to see it while doing it, as long as the cleanliness of your hands does not come, then there is no use in learning it. So come, let us tell you the things related to the beauty parlor course.

Beautician work


According to the work of a beautician, customers have to give a beautiful look to their face, but the procedures that are used to make the face beautiful, have been given many names. These works include threading, bleach, various facials, face pack, head massage, body massage, hairstyle, color and cutting etc., roller setting, eye brow, shampoo, henna, various types of makeup, nail care and so on. Kinds of work are done.

Beauty parlor accessories


You will find the essential goods for the beauty parlor in every small big city town. A wide variety of essentials include creams, powders, eyebrows liners, hair blowers, steamers, bleach, curling road, wall mirrors, wax paste, steamers, dryers, threads, scissors, combs, chairs, facial beds, facial trolleys, hot and cold Things like Calvanic will be needed. Although all these are basic, later you should keep other things as per the requirement.

Beauty parlor cost

If you work in a beauty parlor, it can work well for forty to fifty thousand rupees. The cost of the place will come separately. If you want to start work on a large scale, then the budget should also be higher accordingly. Broadly speaking, one and a half to two lakh rupees will be required to open a fine beauty parlor.

Beautician salaries

If you start work with minimum cost i.e. 40-50 thousand, then in the beginning you can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees in a month. As your work grows, the income will also increase. If you start work on a large scale or open a beauty parlor in a good market, you can earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month. This is a place where there is a crowd of women. But you can earn good from it only when you work well, and people like your work. And after that you can also start teaching other girls, which further increases your income.

Beauty parlor site

There should be at least one average shop to open a beauty parlor. Apart from this, if you want to open work on a large scale, then according to that, space is also needed. If you have a two-room shop, in which one room is under the cover of curtains etc. inside the shop, then your shop i.e. the parlor will attract more customers. Broadly, you should have a shop that has two-four customers in addition to decorating two-four customers. Although this work runs better in the market, but nowadays beauty parlors also run a lot in the streets of the cities.

Beauty Parlor Course

In the course of beauty parlor, you will find waxing, eyebrows, makeup, hairstyles, different ways to tie mehndi, saree, how to groom the bride, removing facials, bleach, blackheads, straightening hair, various types of cutting etc. Things are taught. In most places, this course is six months to one year. But it is said that practice make a man perfect, so in this too you have to practice after learning to achieve mastery.

Beauty Parlor Course List

1. Skin test

2. threading

3. Waxing

4. Manicure

5. Pedicure

6. Bleach

7. Facials

8. Head massage

9. Hair dyeing

10. Hair spa

11. hair dryer

12. Haircutting

13. Hair style

14. Basic makeup

15. Basic bridal makeup

16. Nail art

17. Basic hard work

18.Bindi Decoration

19. Sari Drop

20. News

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