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Eye makeup products and how to do eye makeup

Although the entire makeup is special, eye makeup needs a lot of attention. So when you go to a party somewhere, the makeup of the eyes takes a lot of time. Eye makeup changes the look of our eyes. Makeup from party to casual look can be adopted at any time. In such a situation, you can try different types of eye makeup for a trendy and beautiful look.


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step 1

Eye makeup should begin with the concealer. If you have dark circles under the eyes or any other type of spot, use a concealer under the eyes to cover it. Apply the concealer well under the eyes and then use face powder or Compaq under it.

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This is usually done by applying mascara first, but the right way is to apply eye shadow or eyeliner first. Prepare eyeliner base according to party or occasion. It can be double dot, plane, or point of any style. If the false eyelash is to be applied, first apply it and then apply the eyeliner.

eye liner apply


Apply the mascara twice because the first few lashes are often missed. In such a situation, you should apply mascara twice and apply mascara only in the top and bottom eyelashes. First, apply a coat of mascara on the eyelids from outside and second from outside.

maskara in eye


When all the makeup is done, complete the make-up that comes with the mascara coat. After applying the first coat of mascara, if the mascara is flowing from the cotton, then clean it and then apply the second coat. If both the coats are full of mascara then apply a coat with a small amount of light shimmer on the lower part of the eyes.

kajal in eye

Types of Eye Makeup

Neutral Shadow – Neutral shadow makeup is also a great eye makeup. A thick streak of brown, rich copper, brick-colored eyeliner can be applied to the eyelid. This will give you a stunning look. With that, eyeshadows spread on the eyelids under and above the eyes add four moons to your looks.

Pretty Green- Pretty green eye makeup is very trendy. This is the perfect eye makeup according to the night party. The green shade suits any party wear. Remove the thin line from the kajal, covering the top and bottom of the eyes, to the outside and the corner, and then see how the four moons in your look

Cleopatra- Cleopatra Eye Makeup is considered to be the best for giving a bold and sexy look to the eyes. To use it, a strip of thick, dark shimmer liner raised 40 degrees up and down on both sides of the eye cores and a dark or navy blue colored eyeshadow are used.

Artistic Eyeliner – Eyeliner can be used in addition to kajal for black makeup detailing on the eyes. Eyeliner is also trendy. It is also easy to do this in between the everyday running part.

Party Eye Makeup – Gothic Eye Makeup is the best if you want to go to a party during the day. Gothic eye makeup enhances the dullness of the eyes. Along with this, makeup with shimmering purple, dark blue, green, white, or dark gray color is very pleasing to the eyes. Apart from this, liquid eyeliner of black, brown, or any dark color can also be used along with brown eyeshadow. At the same time, according to the evening party, it is better to give the eyes a smokey look.

Simple Makeup- Simple makeup is best for the eyes. Kajal or black eyeliner is used in this. It does not take much time to do this and according to the daily use, this makeup is very perfect. Apart from kajal, you can also use Surma. If you have dark circles near your eyes, you can use a light foundation to hide them.

Things to note

Always remove the makeup of the eyes with a light cotton ball, doing so will not cause any damage to the skin of your eyes.

Never clean facial makeup by rubbing, this can create fine lines on your delicate skin.

Whether it is winter or summer, one should always get out by applying sunscreen on your skin, as harmful rays emanating from the sun can damage your skin.

If the sun is very strong, then you must also apply sunglasses along with sunscreen.

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