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What is Pedicure, methods and types?

Pedicure is a beauty treatment for toes, feet, and nails. This makes your feet look beautiful. After getting the pedicure done, your feet and paws become clean, beautiful, and soft, as well as the nail clumps and dirt. Apart from this, the pedicure is also scrubbed on the ankles, so that Dead cells are cleaned there. Finally, after the whole process is over, nail polish is applied to the fingernails of the feet. Pedicures are also available for both men and women.

Pedicure method

step 1

remove the nail poli

First of all, remove the nail polish on your feet with a net paint remover. Then, cut or trim your nails using a nail cutter, but make sure that the nails are cut straight. Decide the shape for your nails such as square, circular, etc. It will be nice to see the shape of your nails.


, fill lukewarm water

After removing the nail polish, fill lukewarm water in a tub and add soap, salt, lemon slices, and buds of rose or marigold flowers. If you want, you can also add rock salt to it. This will soothe inflammation, reduce any kind of pain and reduce roughness.


soak your feet in the tub

Now sit and soak your feet in the tub for at least 10 -15 minutes. This will make the dead skin of the feet soft and easy to remove. When the skin of the feet becomes soft, clean the nails with a brush. Make sure that your feet are completely covered.


apply the cream

Then take out the leg and apply the cream on all the nails of the foot. Then leave it for a few minutes. In the meantime, use a foot scrub and remove all dry dead skin cells.


After scrubbing, wash your feet and moisturize. The advantage of moisturizing is that it keeps the skin hydrated and soft and keeps it from breaking. If you massage your feet regularly, not only will blood circulation improve, but leg muscles will also get nourishment.

Step 6

apply the nail polish

Now your foot nails are completely ready for nail polish. Now apply the nail polish of your choice and dry it completely.

Types of pedicures

8 types of pedicures

Regular Pedicure-

Regular pedicure is a traditional method in which feet are soaked, rubbed, and cleaned by putting them in lukewarm water. Apart from this, the nails and the skin of its edges are also cut. The nails are also given the correct shape after the feet become clean and soft. Along with this, foot massage and nail polish are also done.

Hot Stone Pedicure –

In this type of pedicure, firstly the oil is massaged to relax the feet, it relaxes the nerves of the feet, and refreshes your feet. After this, hot stones are placed on the feet, especially at the pressure points of the feet, these hot stones are placed or the feet are massaged with these hot stones. It provides relief from foot pain and cramps. After a hot stone massage, the legs are wrapped in a warm towel to improve blood circulation.

Paraffin Pedicure –

The use of paraffin pedicure is an excellent remedy for dry and cracked ankles. The paraffin pedicure involves first simply cleaning the feet. Then paraffin wax is used to moisturize the feet, for which the feet are dipped in the paraffin mother’s pot, or the paraffin is applied to the feet, it clears the sari of the feet and makes the feet soft. Become.

Wine Pedicure-

It is similar to a regular pedicure but it uses wine in its feet soaking material. Scrubs made from grape seeds and grape seed oil are used to rub and massage the skin, followed by a pack of grapes on the feet. It also removes skin wrinkles and also improves skin.

Spa Pedicure-

Spa pedicure is largely up to regular pedicure. However, special treatment of your skin is also done in it. Paraffin wax is commonly used in this special treatment. Also, feet is massaged with a salt scrub and deep cleansing mocks, etc. A hydrating mask is applied to retain moisture. After this, the legs are covered with hot towels. This is the reason that it may take a little longer to do a spa pedicure.

Ice Cream Pedicure –

Regular pedicure procedures are also followed in Ice Cream Pedicure. In this process, the feet are soaked in a vessel, which comes in the shape of an ice cream scoop. After soaking, feet are rubbed with the help of a scrub made of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Once they are clean, then the feet are massaged using a paste of moisturizing lotion.

French Pedicure

The initial procedure of a French pedicure is similar to a regular pedicure. But your nails are polished differently. The feet are first soaked in lukewarm water, then rubbed and cleaned. Nails are trimmed, and feet are massaged. The nail polish layer in it works to make it a French pedicure. After brushing the feet, a pink layer is applied to the nails, then white polish is applied on the outer edge of the nails.

Fish Pedicure-

In the process of a fish pedicure, the feet are immersed in a tub containing fish. These fish remove the skin of the legs by guttering. These fish do not have teeth, so it only kills the dead cells. After this, the procedure of regular pedicure can be adopted.

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