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What is nail art

Nails play an important role in improving the beauty of hands, and nail art further enhances the beauty of nails. Nail art is to apply different types of nail paints and to do different designs on them. Nowadays the craze of nail art can be seen in all people. Today there is a demand for many other types of nail art in the market apart from 3D. No learning is required to learn nail art. Only diligence and inclination towards it is necessary.

How to do nail art

step 1

For nail art, firstly you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your nails, their shape, and their conditioning. To make nail arts, first, clean the old nail paint thoroughly with cotton and nail paint remover. Use only good quality remover for this, otherwise, the nails can be stained. After this, put your nails in lukewarm water containing lemon and sweet soda and after keeping them for some time, wipe them clean with a cloth.

Step 2

Now trim the nails and give them the correct shape. After this, clean the corners (cuticles) of the nail with the help of a filter and give the nails the desired shape. It is often seen that while applying nail polish, the colors get trapped in cuticles and leave stains. If you want, you can give a round, oval, square shape to the nails. Nail art looks more beautiful when the shape of the nails is correct.

Step 3

After this, wash your hands and nails thoroughly with soap and wash them. Then leave the nails to dry for some time. When your nails dry completely.

Step 4

Now after applying nail primer on the nails, apply a base coat. By doing this, the nails are protected and they do not become pale. After drying one layer of base coat apply another coat and after drying it make any design you like with any other matching nail color.


To make nail art designs on the nails, first, paint the tips of the nails. Always apply a basic coat of good brand, it does not make the nails yellow.

Step 6

After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat of nail paint. Then put a French manicure sticker on it.

Step 7

After this, remove the color around the nails. The sticker should be so that the tips of the nails are visible. Now apply paint on these tips. After the tips, apply nail color to the remaining parts of the nail. After this, apply a nail belly on the nails. When the nail polish is applied to your nails, leave it to dry for five minutes.

Step 8

For additional decorations, you can use colorful stones, glitters, etc. After the design is complete, allow it to dry, and finally use the shiner so that the nails have a natural shine.

Nail art design

10 designs of nail art

Water Marbled Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art is the latest nail art used to do nail art. In which a bowl filled with water is given a shape by putting different colors of nail polish and then the nails are dipped in that water. After which a marble effect occurs on your nails. By the way, it is not very difficult, that is why you can make it to your own home. For this, first, take water in a bowl and keep adding one drop of nail polish. Use all colors of nail polish as a concentric circle. When done, make a design with a toothpick, cutting them. Now print the same design as you want on your nails. Now repeat it and make it on other nails as well. You can use soaked cotton wool in nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish. Apply a top coat on top and allow it to dry.

Polka Dot nail art

Polka Dots is a nail art that is easy to make as well as it suits every kind of dress. For this, you can make a polka dot with white nail paint by applying colored nail paint in the same way as you need. For this, you can use a toothpick. Simply apply a clear base coat on your nails and make dots in 3 different colors of nail paint by dipping the tip of the ball pen or the inverted part of the toothpick or the front part of the bobby pin. Finish with topcoat. For polka dot design, you can apply 3-4 colors in different fingers simultaneously. If you want to give it a slightly different touch, then you can also create a cross-diagonal design with white colors on it. In this, the combination of colors matters a lot, but you can make different designs on every nail according to your style statement.

Mix Nail Nail Art

If you are fond of applying many types of nail paints on your nails at once, then this art is for you. For this, you first have to apply a base of white nail paint on the nails. After this, make cross-hatched lines of your choice of colors, which means whatever you like. For this, you use a thin pin. Apply the final coat later for finishing.

Half and Half Nail Art

If you feel that making any design using a brush is not your thing, then you should try this nail art. What you need is cello tape, white nail paint, and 2-3 different color nail paints of your choice, nail paints if pastel shades and matte finish are better. Apply a base coat with white nail paint on your nails, then apply a cello tape lengthwise on half the nail and fill in the color of your choice on the rest. Repeat the same process on the rest of the nails.

Black and White Beauty Nail Art

The combo of Black and White is very classy and evergreen which will never be out of fashion. Keeping this in mind, try this sexy nail art. Apply two coats of black nail paint on your nails, after this, except the fourth finger, make white dots in a straight line between the rest of the fingers. Draw three lines of white dots on the fourth finger. Finish with topcoat.

Glitter and nude nail art

It is really simple to make this art. Like the photo, apply two different types of nail paint to your nails. In which you are applying nude nail paint, apply a light coat of glitter nail paint in the last. Your art is ready.

Minimal Nail Art

If you like very simple nail art, then adopt it. These minimal designs will give nails a very elegant and classy look. For this, first, apply a white base coat on the nails. Now make a thin line between the nails or on the side with a thin brush. Finish with a top coat and flaunt your beautiful nails.

Glitter game nail art

just think how boring the world would be without a little sparkle and shine! So why should your nails be deprived of this glitter and shine? Apply a white base coat on the nails, then apply a coat of transparent glitter over it. When it dries, make a thin strip of glitter nail paint of your choice between each nail.

French Nail Art

French nail art consists of glitter nail paints as well as different designs on fingers. In this, the front part of the nail is painted with white nail paint and the rest of it is transparent.

Metallic color with rhinestones

If you want to look glamorous, then metallic chroma can give a new look to itself with color with rhinestones. It uses silver in red chroma and some rhinestones for decoration.

Things to note

If you want to make new art on your nails daily or want to change their color by applying nail polish, then use a good nail polish remover. Keep in mind that the remover should not make your nails very dry, yellow, and cracked.

Continuously applying and then removing nail paint can make your nails easily break and dry. Use of cuticle oil or nail repair formula brings back both moisture and life to your nails.

Topcoat is a must in nails, as it acts as a base, gives a good finish to your nail polish, and prevents it from getting ripped off. If you like matte nails, buy a matte topcoat, which instantly turns it into a matte finish when applied to any shining nail polish.

When you accidentally apply paint on the exterior of the nail and want to remove this excess paint in such a way that the other nails are not damaged. Simply, apply a little remover to the bud and stick around the area where nail paint is applied.

It is better to use a toothpick to make dots than to invest in a dot-making tool. With this, you can make dots and circles of different sizes.

Tweezer will work when you want to apply a sticker or stone. You can also pull the tape with its help. This makes it easier and easier to work on the nails.

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