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What is manicure, procedure, types, and precautions

Manicure is a beauty treatment of fingernails and hands, which is done in a salon or spa and at home. The manicure tries to clean the nails and give them a better shape. After getting the manicure done, your hands start feeling very clean, soft, and beautiful. Manicures have procedures such as shaping, polishing, filing, and clipping. Due to which your hands and nails start looking very bright. Manicure available for both men and women.

Manicure procedure

Step 1

First of all, clean the nail polish pre-installed with the help of cotton and nail remover. A nail remover without acetone is good because nail polish will be cleaned quickly with an acetone remover. Remove nail polish from as little nail remover as possible.

Step 2

Cut the nails with a nail cutter by giving a shape of your choice. Take care that the nails do not become too small. A slightly white part should appear.

Step 3

After cutting the nail, nail the nail surface with a nail filer and make it round. Do not rub under excessive pressure. The nail shape should not deteriorate from the nail file. Cross the nail file, not stand.

Step 4        

Then by adding lukewarm water and a little shampoo or a little facewash to the tub, soak your hands in it for a while. Don’t be afraid of it…

Step 5

Now massage the hands by applying some good cream or lotion for about ten to fifteen minutes. Massage on the nails and also on the area near it. If there is too much lotion or cream on the nails, nail polish will not be applied. So clean the cream with cotton. Now your hand is ready to apply nail polish.

Step 6

Apply a base coat to the nail. This will make the nail surface more smooth and a kind of primer will be prepared on it, which will protect the nail from damage and it will also make the nail polish last longer.

Step 7

Woman brushing her nails in the red color

Now apply a top coat of nail polish of your choice. And dry the nail polish for 10-15 minutes. When nail polish dries, enjoy your beautiful hands and get compliments.

Types of manicure

5 types of manicure

1. Regular Manicure-

To perform a regular manicure, first, immerse your hands in lukewarm water and then remove the cuticles present in the hands followed by nail trimming and filing. After this, the lotion is massaged on the hands, and nails and nail paints are used. A regular manicure is a common type of manicure.

2. French Manicure-

To do a French manicure, first of all, massage the hands and nails thoroughly with a scrub and clean the hands thoroughly. Then give the nails an oval shape from the filer and keep their length medium. Remove the dry skin around the nails. One thing that is always kept in mind while doing a French manicure that there is a white polish on the upper part of the nails. Now do not touch the base, apply nail paints on the top of the nail with a white shade. For finishing the nails, apply only one coat of Transparent Nail Polish on the entire nail at the end. This makes your nails look glossy. French manicure differs from regular manicure on the basis that a different method of applying nail paints is adopted. Clear or sheer pink nail polish is applied to the nail base, after which white nail paint is applied on the ends of the nails.

3. Spa Manicure –

After a regular manicure, hydrating mask or aromatic salt rub is used on your hands which is very comfortable for hands. Spa manicure also corrects blood flow to the veins of the hands. And hands become beautiful.

4. Paraffin Manicure –

Paraffin wax is used in this type of manicure. This manicure is more effective for dehydrated hands or for people whose hands become dirty due to overwork. The paraffin manicure is performed with a warm paraffin wax massage on your fingernails or by dipping your hands in lukewarm wax. This makes the hands soft and refreshed.

5. Hot Stone Manicure-

In Hot Stone Manicure, a special type of stone that is heat-insulated is massaged on your hands followed by a regular manicure.

Things to keep in mind

After filing the nails, see if their length is equal or not.

If your nails turn yellow, clean them by adding a few drops of lemon juice or lavender oil. If desired, you can also clean the nails with toothpaste.

Instead of shaker the nail polish bottle, roll it between the two palms. This will cause nail paint to mix without bubbles.

Before applying nail polish on the nails, clean them with a cleanser or nail polish remover so that they do not have any kind of oil or cream on them and the nail polish should go well.

While applying nail polish, hold the brush with the thumb and middle finger and hold the top of the cap with the rest of the fingers. Try to apply nail paint in a thin layer and start applying another coat shortly after drying one coat.

After applying the nail polish, apply a nail polish remover on the orangewood stick or earbud around the nail and clean it.

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