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What is beautician waxing, procedure and precautions

beautician Waxing is an easy way to remove unwanted body hair. Waxing makes the skin soft, as well as blackness caused by sweating in the underarms. Regular use of waxing means once or twice a month reduces the growth of unwanted hair. By the way, people often get it done on certain parts of the body (forehead, upper lip, underarms, hands, and feet). While some people prefer to have waxing done all over the body. Among them, celebs come first.

beautician waxing

How to wax :

step 1 –

How to wax

First clean the area where you wanted to wax, and then dry the skin.


cleaning area for wax

Keep in mind that there is no oil or cream left on the skin, it can break your hair from the middle.


preparing oil for wax

Now heat the wax, but do not overheat the wax. Just heat the wax until it is lukewarm.


applying powder for wax

Now apply some powder where you have to wax, so that the skin removes oil and dirt easily. This will also make it easier for you to remove the strip of wax.


applying wax nozzle

Now apply wax with a nozzle knife where you have to remove unwanted hairs on your skin. Keep in mind that the direction of the wax where you are applying should be right.


covering bandage

Now after applying wax on the skin, place a thin piece of cloth or waxing bandage over it. Now press the bandage properly on the skin, so that the bandage sticks to the skin properly. Keep in mind that once the waxing strip is used, do not use it again.

Step -7

removing bandage

Now remove the waxing strip from the skin from the reverse direction of the hair. Remove waxing strip as soon as possible. Slow removal can harm you, as well as damage the hair follicles.


applying ice

After waxing, you can apply ice on that area so that there is no irritation or pain on that area.

Types of waxing :

There are usually 5 types of waxing. Those are known as soft waxing, hard waxing, cold wax, hot wax, fruit wax.

5 types of waxing :

6 steps of waxing

Soft Wax – Soft wax is the removal of unwanted hair in a soft way. Soft wax is used both cold and hot. Soft wax is the most commonly used of all waxes. To do soft waxing, firstly apply wax on the hairy area and cover the top with a muslin cloth. When the wax has dried completely, remove the cloth and wipe the skin with a clean cloth and water. You will find that the hair has been removed. Soft wax is considered very good for the hands and feet. Hair removing cream can be considered as soft wax.

Hard Wax – Hard wax is usually beneficial for the people who are more busy. Hard wax does not require any kind of wax strip or cloth. It has to be applied directly on the skin by heating it. When the wax has dried, after a while the wax has to be removed slowly with the help of fingers. With the help of wax, the skin of your skin can be removed very easily.

Cold Wax – Today, most people are using cold wax to remove unwanted hair. Because there is no hassle of heating the cold wax. Along with this, there is also no risk of skin burn. Cold wax should first be applied by applying hands and feet. This will let you know about their reaction to the skin. Let me tell you that cold wax strips are easily available in the market. Stick those on the skin and pull it out after a few seconds.

Hot Wax – Wax is often first heated when hot waxing. After applying the hot wax to the skin, a strip is pulled over the top. Hot waxing is most beneficial in removing short body hair. Because of the hot wax, the skin pores are opened, which helps in removing the short hair easily from the root.

Fruit Wax – Fruit Wax is especially for people with sensitive skin. Fruit wax is made mostly of fruit juice and is rich in antioxidants, which is not harmful to your sensitive skin at all.

Things to keep in mind :

Applying ice or chilled water after waxing provides relief from pain or discomfort.
If the skin is allergic, a reaction occurs, waxing should not be done.
Hair should not be too short or too big while waxing.
Oil, lotion or cream etc. should not be applied to the skin before waxing.
The waxing strip should not be pulled slowly as it causes more pain.
Avoid exposure to sunlight immediately after waxing.
No wax should be applied before waxing, this makes the knuckles tight and causes more pain.
Acid-enhancing food should not be eaten before waxing as it increases the sensitivity of the skin.

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