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What is a hairdryer, how to do it

Although sunshine is the best option for drying hair, if the weather is cold or rainy, the dryer can be used to dry hair. A hairdryer is also used to give hair a new hairstyle. Using a hairdryer occasionally is fine, but using a hairdryer to dry and style hair daily can spoil the hair. Excessive use of a hairdryer can take away the natural beauty of the hair. On the other hand, daily use of hairdryers can increase the problems of hair like dandruff, clear, dull, and dryness, and the hair starts to become dry and lifeless. It is the heat that comes out of the hairdryer, which damages the hair roots, and also makes the hair two pimples. Therefore, do not use a hairdryer daily and use it only occasionally.

Hairdryer method

Step 1

It is important to wash them before blow-drying the hair. Choose your hair-friendly shampoo and conditioner for this task. Apply the conditioner to the length and ends of the hair. If you apply it to the roots of your hair, then your hair will look sticky and oily. As soon as the conditioner is in place, straighten the matted hair with a wide-toothed comb. When conditioner is applied, doing this causes less hair breakage.


Step 2

When you take a shower, wrap your hair with a towel and leave it for 2-3 minutes like this. Now unscrew the towel from the hair and pat it lightly on the towel so that the excess water or moisture absorbs the towel. Do not rub the towel on the hair, otherwise, it will break the hair. Keep in mind that you are not drying the hair with a towel, and it will remain slightly wet even after wiping it with a towel.


Step 3

Comb the hair into two parts using a 3-toothed comb or paddle brush. Do it slowly because wet hair breaks quickly. Starting from the bottom, go upwards, which will cause less hair to break. When the hair is wet in this way, it will look naturally good when it is dried or strengthening. If your hair is very messy, use a hair removal spray.


Step 4

Do not apply the nozzle on the dryer. This helps to give a smooth look to the hair and reduce the damage caused by heat.

Step 5

Turn on the hairdryer (at high speed and temperature, if possible) and start drying the hair. While lifting the hair with the fingers, focus the air of the hairdryer on the roots of the hair itself. Do not use a brush or comb while doing this. Make sure that you are moving the hairdryer from top to bottom. Its air should flow down from the top hair. In this way, continue the process of drying the hair until 60% to 80% of the hair is dry.


Step 6

After the next hairstyle is dry, bring the back hair forward, this will also help in giving them a perfect bouncy look. Also, there will be no problem with the fridge.


Things to note for hairdryer

While using the hairdryer, keep in mind that it should be 6-9 inches away from the hair. Failure to do so will increase the dryness of the hair and they will also break down quickly.

Before using the hairdryer, apply the Narration Serum to the hair, so that the heat of the dryer does not cause too much damage to the hair and the hair can become soft.

It is better to use a hairdryer according to your hair type. As the hair is curly, rough, soft, or silky, according to this you will need temperature or time.

Be sure to do hair conditioning before using the dryer. Many times when not used properly, hair gets tangled along with dryness, which causes them to break.

Use as little dryer as possible in dry hair. Use a cold dryer because it contains more ions which are positive and heat is less in the air.

If it is necessary for you to use a hairdryer, then do regular oiling of the hair, so that the hair can get adequate nutrition. Excessive use of the dryer takes away the nutrition of the hair.

Take special care of eating and drinking to keep hair strong and nourished. Amla, green vegetables, juice, curd, etc. can be included in your diet and can also provide nutrition to the hair.

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