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What are some favorite 17 beauty products

Every month new and varied beauty products appear for the most diverse female (as well as male) purposes. However, amidst a lot of news, some stand out, and many old and traditional products should never be made? By beauty. Even the brands of the beauty industry each have one, two, or three products in their collection or even a full line that wins many fans regardless of its quality, versatility, color, durability, Or even be for ease of application.

And there are best sellers in every segment of makeup, body care, and hair care, such as blush or in vain the most beloved shampoo, bloggers, and field experts.

To find some of these all-time favorites, see the following list for these three categories of products and invest in those that catch your eye.

1. Nars Blush Orgasm

NARS blushes have high quality and pigmentation. The color Orgasm has become particularly beloved for women as it is one of the favorite blushes of beauty bloggers. Its color is a pink/coral tone with a golden glow, which gives a soft and sensual tone to the skin. There is also a NARS enlightened by the same name which is also a big hit. The organism color is the tightest fit for a moderate skin tone. For brunettes and black women, the idea is to choose Dolce Vita, Tos, or Amour.

2. Mac lipstick

MAC lipsticks are very expensive, but they have the feel of being worth the money. This lipstick of MAC is 2000 rupees. It gives a creamy finish which is great for dry lips. It will run for 12 hours without smudging and can be easily applied. Its fragrance is also very good. If you want the best lipstick and can come in the budget then this is the winner of our list.

3. Magic BB Cream L’oreal

BB cream, also known as beauty balm or blemish balm. It is considered to be a blend of four beauty products, including primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. It can be used daily.
Aiming at the practicality of women’s daily lives, the cosmetics industry has come up with BB creams as a solution for those who need to take care of the skin and make it look uniform without spending too much time applying various products. Needed. LOrĂ©al BB Cream, in this sense, promises to moisturize, soften skin, flush out and brighten skin, avoid glare, and even promote protection from UV rays (SPF 20). He became a great favorite of Brazilians for being a comrade of value and doing his job well.

4. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation

The foundation plays an important role in makeup. If used properly, it can add beauty to your makeup. At the same time, its right choice is also important, especially when your skin is oily. While choosing a foundation, you should know which foundation is right for your oily skin and what are the best foundations available for oily skin in the market.

5. Maybelline Colossal Eyelash Mask

This is one of the most respected and recommended eyelash masks in the beauty world. It has a volume effect, but it gets longer at the same time, it all depends on how you apply it. Currently, there is a version of it, called the “Super Movie”, with a technology that, according to the manufacturer, facilitates removal. This is a worthwhile mask.

6. Urban Decay Nude Palette

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Primer
If you love and hate shadows when they don’t show up? In the eyes, this product is right for you. With the UD primer, the shade stands on the eyelid and its color is reflected on the makeup. According to the manufacturer, the product increases the durability of the shade for up to 24 hours and does not allow it to freeze in corners.

7. Sigma brush

Sigma makeup brushes are of excellent quality and precision, and there are many options, one for each purpose or the desired finish. Their kits are not very inexpensive, but it is a worthwhile investment, as the softness of the bristles is undeniable.

8. Sephora Collection Shopping Bag Pallets

For those who enjoy well-done makeup and want many different shade colors for a change, shopping bag palettes? Are a good investment from Sephora. They have many options with varying amounts of shade and some versions also have color shine and blush/illuminator.

9. High Beam Illuminator Benefits

Benefit’s Creamy Illuminator is an undeniable success among bloggers and makeup artists. It has a succulent tone and an incredible glow, which makes any skin look amazing. It is easy to use because it is creamy. Just apply a few drops to the desired area and spread it lightly.

10. Mac Soft and Gentle Illuminator

If you have never used an Illuminator, this is a great product to debut in this area. It is easy to apply a powder that gives a lot of shine to the applied area. The manufacturer suggests wearing it on the cheeks and eyebrow arch. Matches most skin tones.

11. MUFE Aqua Brow Eyebrow Concealer

Make Up For Ever is an ideal product for filling eye imperfections, without making them artificial. It is a corrective paste that can be applied with a thin bezel brush to underline the eyebrow’s design. In Brazil, it is sold in three different colors. The great advantage of the product is that it has a long-lasting formula, in addition to being easy to apply.

12. Beauty blender sponge

Beauty blender sponges are a great companion when it comes to makeup. It can be used with your finger or brush to apply foundation or concealer after applying liquid or creamy products or to give a more natural finish. The good news is that while the original requires a higher investment, there is already a huge variety of similarly priced sponges on the market.

13. TIGI Bed Head Hair Products

For those who like to change their hairstyles and take care of their locks, try the various products of the Tigi Bed Head Line. One of the flags of the line is the post-holiday party at the party, which promises to improve the smell and texture of hair after a night of clubbing or partying. In addition, Bed Head has finishers, ointments, multi-purpose sprays, shampoos, conditioners, and treatment masks.

14. Silicone Mix Moisturizing Mask

Silicone Mix Homemade Moisturizing Mask is an undeniable success among bloggers. After being named as one of the products that beauty guru Camilla Coelho uses on her hair, Silicon Mix became a fever among Brazilian women. It can be used as a conditioner or intensive weekly hydration in all washes.

15. Australian 3 Minute Miracle Quick Hair Reconstruction

Another product that has also become the darling of women thanks to the many bloggers who recommend that it is an Australian 3-minute miracle moisturizer. The rebuilder promises instant 3-minute treatment for chemically wavy hair and is recommended for use in times of emergency when you will not have time to moisturize regularly, but you should be well prepared. Is required to be.

16. Miracle Curl Curler

Does well-known brand Babyliss have a curl in the curler wheel? For those who like wavy hair, but no way with a board or simple Babyliss. It’s very easy to use: just disassemble the lock, let the device go? Is she expecting beeps? To loosen her hair with a beautiful wave. Despite the salty price, the miracle is worth it for those who want practicality and have wavy hair without much effort.

17. Tweezers

Tweezerman is a brand known and respected worldwide for its high accuracy, power, and quality tweezers. Recommended by bloggers and beauticians, their tweezers are made of stainless steel tip and have a shape and rods that make it easy to remove hair without breaking it. This is a great investment for those who like to inflate their eyebrows or the dreaded.

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