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how to know your skin type

here we have listed out each methods to knowing our skin type , Without knowing our skin type, if we adopt expensive creams or home remedies, then we do not get any benefit but maybe at a disadvantage. It is important to identify how our skin is so that we will be able to choose the right products for our skin

Skin Type

Very few people have such skin. This skin is shiny, clean, attractive, neither is it high in oil nor is it dry. Some effect of weather is definitely on this skin. In this case, take care of the skin by applying a face pack. If the skin feels dry in winter, then those face packs which are meant for dry skin, adopt them and if the skin looks oily in summer, then apply oily skin face packs.

Dry skin

This type of skin remains dry and dry. Women with this type of skin are protected from pimples, pimples and open pores. Makeup on this skin lasts for a long time, but this skin does not have any shine on its own. Wrinkles come before age on this. If this skin is not taken care of, it causes white rashes and the skin becomes discolored. Those with such skin should never use a scrubber. Massage should be done with cold cream at night.

Oily skin type-

Oily skin This means the amount of lipid in the skin i.e. the amount of fat is more than a limit. What kind of skin you have depends on three things – water, lipid level, and sensitivity. Whatever changes are found in oily skin, it is mostly due to hormonal changes. It is also related to lifestyle and food and lifestyle. Oily skin is shiny, thick, and lifeless. Men or women with this type of skin have a higher risk of getting dark spots under their eyes than normal. Research results show that the pores in the oily skin, ie the pores found in the skin, are larger and the sebaceous glands are more active. Due to which such skin becomes oily.

Mixed skin

As the name itself suggests, there is a mixture of all skin types in this skin. This type of skin has the letter ‘T’ in English on the forehead, nose and chin. The cheeks are dry. Wash this type of skin with water 2-3 times a day, apply good cold cream on the cheeks, then apply face pack in the same way as the skin feels.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin means sensitive skin. Nails on this type of skins are more acne. Even if the nail is not acne, still their fear always remains. Sensitive skin users need a little extra precision. Such skin has to be protected from dust and pollution.

Aging skin type –

Skin that feels old by looking at it will be placed in the category of aging skin. In this, even though the age of the person is only 20 years, he takes more age. If there is no life in the skin and wrinkles are seen with the Dal skin, then it can be aging skin. So before leaving the house for such skin, leave the house using SPF sunscreen lotion.

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What is skin structure or identity :

Facial beauty makes you attractive Who does not like shiny and radiant skin. For this, it is very important that you understand and recognize the type of your skin. So that you can use cosmetics according to your skin. You must have often heard people talking about oily or dry skin.

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