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best methods for Skin Type Test

Here are some skin type test in order to know which type of skin you have

1. Tissue Paper Test

For a tissue paper test, first wash the face with a mild cleanser. If you have applied make-up, then clean it, then wash face. Just wash the face so that all the dirt and extra oil is removed. Do not wash your face too much and do not use any special cleanser or face wash such as oil free or oily skin face wash. Now wait for an hour, during this time do not touch the face at all. And don’t go into AC or sunlight. After an hour, take 5 tissue papers, press them on both cheeks, chin, forehead and nose, keep a few seconds and find out the skin type. You can do this test as soon as you wake up in the morning. But keep in mind that before doing any initial work of the day, do this test because your skin is in its natural form.

2. Mirror Test

To do this test, you have to do everything like a tissue paper test, you just have to use a mirror instead of a tissue. Press the mirror on your forehead, nose, and chin. Then press alternately on both cheeks. Every part of your face should touch the mirror. Keep the mirror pressed on the skin for a while and then read the skin guide to know your skin type. In this test, oil, dry flax, and red irritated skin will be detected on the mirror instead of tissue.

3. Face Wash Test

This is the best way to know skin type. You clean your skin with face wash. After that, the way your skin reacts, your skin is identified. If the skin feels drained after drying after washing the mouth, it is a sign of dry skin. If after face wash we feel our skin clean and feel no stretch, nor feel any need of moisturizing then it is a sign of oily skin. The oily skin makes the mouth feel sticky anyway. If after washing your mouth or using any other product, your skin turns red, which is cured in a short time, then it is a sign of sensitive skin. If after washing the mouth you have clean and clean skin and do not feel the need to apply some kind of moisturizer, etc. then it is the normal skin that is the best. The area around the forehead is not dry, just if the cheeks feel drawn, then it is a sign of combination skin or mixed skin type.

4. Por skin type Test

If you have problems with open pores or open pores, then your skin will be oily. This is to a large extent a correct approximation. Those who have dry skin do not have the problem of open pores and combustion skin has more open pores somewhere around the T zone. The problem of open pores on the rest of the skin is not found.

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