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Manicure Ideas For Engagement

Author – Tayyaba Rais

Engagement is a ceremony that puts a lot of attention to your fingernails and hand. A solitaire sits pretty atop your ring finger. But, manicured hands can accentuate your Engagement ring pictures. There are plenty of nail-shapes and nail- arts to choose from. There are shapes like almond, oval, pointed, round, square, square oval, square with rounded corners, and much more. Beautifully manicured hands complement your dress for the occasion and also make you the cynosure of all eyes. Keep reading and select a perfect manicure that would amplify your look.

Floral Nail Art

This nail art trend has intricate floral patterns that add a soft and beautiful touch to your hands. This nail art looks great if your Engagement Day dress has flowery patterns. We bet your girl gang will be ogling at your pretty hands.

Wine and Gold Nail Art

If your Engagement Day outfit is of wine color with a tint of gold, in it then this is one best manicure for you. So, keep your groom-to-be hooked onto your beautiful hands with this manicure.

Aquarium Nail Art

Another popular nail design that gives your nails a shiny and a watery effect through the use of shades of blue and crystal. This nail art will complement the precious stone on your finger. You will look nothing less than a mesmerizing mermaid.

Jeweled Nails

This manicure is quite trending. Rhinestone with miniature colored balls creates a delightful effect. After all, your pretty hands are precious, so let’s adorn them with this amazing manicure.

3D Nail Art

It looks super stylish beautiful nail art with a 3D effect. Choose your nail art pattern according to your engagement day dress and create a stunning effect.

Ladies nail it with the above exquisite manicures on your special day! You can visit your neighborhood Be U Salons and get the best manicure done.

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