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Health benefits of blueberries, uses of blueberries

Berries are pure Indian fruit. Its plurality in India can be gauged from the fact that India is called Jambu Island. Jambu Island is said to be the reason that there used to be berries in abundance in every village here. This fruit is easily available from April to July. Its fruits, kernels, bark, and leaves are all full of medicinal properties.

Properties of berries

The effect of this fruit is cold, it acts as an antibiotic. Removes blood disorders. Keeps the digestive system correct and eliminates bile and phlegm.

Benefits of blueberries


Blueberry intake is also known to be quite beneficial for reducing the effects of increasing age. Actually, according to scientific studies, blueberries have an anti-aging effect. It actively acts to reduce the effect of increasing age to a great extent. Therefore, at growing age, if you want to keep looking young, you can consume blueberries.

Remove pimples

Talking about the anti-acne diet, blueberries are mentioned in it. Along with this, blueberries also have anti-inflammatory properties which can work to eliminate acne problems from the face by reducing the inflammation in the skin. Therefore, people who are troubled by acne problems can take advantage of the benefits of blueberry by taking it.


To maintain digestion, your body must be fed with adequate amounts of fiber. Blueberries are rich in fiber. Therefore, you can consume blueberries as a good source of fiber foods, which will help you to avoid stomach problems.


We can see the colorful world around us only through our eyes. Therefore our eyes must remain healthy. For this, the consumption of blueberries can prove to be very beneficial because it contains vitamin-A. This vitamin is considered very beneficial for eye health.

Hair growth

For good hair growth, your hair needs a vitamin called biotin. Apart from this, some other essential minerals are also considered very beneficial for hair. You can get it easily with blueberries because blueberries have rich nutritional content. According to scientific research, the consumption of blueberries can strengthen the hair as well as protect it from the problem of dandruff.

Beneficial in many diseases

Iron, vitamin A, and C are found in abundance in it. Due to which it is very beneficial in heart disease, diabetes, liver, ulcers, cough, phlegm, blood defects, vomiting, jaundice, semen defects, stomach diseases, constipation, diarrhea, air disorders, teeth, and gums.

Increased immunity

Vitamins in the B group found in berries strengthen the nervous system and vitamin C increases the body’s immunity. Sugar is also obtained in the form of glucose and fructose, which hydrates, cools, and refreshes the body. Ramjan contains a sufficient amount of phytochemicals _ Phytochemicals which increase immunity.

Stomach Disease

Berries are considered extremely beneficial for abdominal diseases. Eating it with rock salt increases appetite and keeps the digestion process right. Regular intake of Jamali improves liver function. Jamali vinegar is very beneficial in constipation and stomach diseases. Its intake is also beneficial in liver diseases. Eat fresh Jamali in the season and keep the kernels dry; after the season, the powder of the kernels can be eaten and eaten, the benefits will be the same.


The digestive system is weakened when the gastrointestinal system becomes dull during the rainy season. In such a time, the sugar of a diabetic patient increases by eating fried things. Blackberries are considered very beneficial in diabetes. Eating the fruit of jambul and its leaves is also beneficial in diabetes. If the season of berries is not there, then eating its powder made of kernels also benefits diabetic patients. Controls folic acid, carotene, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium sugar found in the Jamali. A compound called “myelin” in the berries leaves lowers blood sugar. Physicians also recommend drinking four to five leaves after sugar increases. When the level of sugar is low, its intake should be stopped.


Eating ripe fruit of Ramjan provides benefits in stone. If the stone is formed then eating its kernel powder with curd is beneficial.

Some other uses of blackberries

  • If you are troubled by anemia or feeling weak then consuming berries is important for you.
  • Mixing the paste of the pulp of berries with cow’s milk and applying it to the face improves the appearance.
  • Mouth blisters are cured by applying Jamun juice.
  • Jamali juice should be fed in case of vomiting.
  • Regular intake of Ramjan increases hunger.
  • Applying powder of blackberry kernels mixed with cow’s milk ends pimples. Apply it on the face at night while sleeping and wash it in the morning.
  • Eating Jamali with black salt and roasted cumin powder does not cause acidity.
  • Grind the bark of rajma and mix it in water and drink it thrice a day, to relieve indigestion. It also clears the blood.
  • Grind the bark of jambul and mix it with goat’s milk and take it immediately to get relief from diarrhea.
  • Taking one spoon powder of Jamun kernel thrice a day provides relief in dysentery.
  • After making a decoction of Rajman’s kernel and rinse it, the voice remains sweet.

If the children wet the bed, then drink half-half teaspoon powder of Jamali kernels with water twice a day for a few days regularly.

  • The teeth and gums are strengthened by brushing with the ashes of the leaves of the berries.
  • Taking an equal amount of water and Jamali vinegar increases hunger and relieves constipation.


Ramjan should be consumed after meals. Milk should not be drunk for one hour after intake of berries. Jamali should never be consumed on an empty stomach. Excessive intake of Ramjan can also be harmful.

Method of making vinegar vinegar

Berries vinegar is very easy to make. Bring some black ripe Jamali, wash it, mix salt in it and keep it in a pot of clay and tie a cloth on the mouth. Keep it in the sun for a week. After that, filter it with a clean cloth and extract its juice. The vinegar is ready. It can also be eaten by mixing pieces of turnip, radish, carrot, onion, chili, etc.

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