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best hairstyles for girls and how to make them

Hairstyle is an important part of sixteen makeup. Hairstyles are very important in improving your personality. A hairstyle designed according to the face cut and hair length increases the beauty manifold. Most women prefer to make hay bun nowadays there are many types of hairstyles in trend to look stylish that you can try on yourself. Here we are telling you about some such hairstyles that will change your look and give you a stylish look.

How to make hairstyle for girls

Cross snood hairstyles

Comb the whole hair properly and straighten it. Attach an artificial bun. Now divide the hair into two sections from right to left. Pin up the section on the right side to the left and the section on the left side to the right. Now set the hair well on the bun. Pin the extra hair to the back of the bun.

hairstyles for girls

Twist back hairstyles

For twist-back hairstyles, first of all, divide your hair into two. Make a twist in the front section of the hair and take it behind the face and then fix it with a tick-tack clip. Repeat the same process for the other section of hair, which will give your hair a very elegant look.

hairstyles for girls

Half bun

Nowadays half bun hairstyles are trending in a very trend. To make it, take the middle part of your hair and make it backward and leave the rest of your hair open.

hairstyles for girls

French roll hairstyles

To make this, comb all the hairs aside and comb them together. Now put bobby pins and rubber bands under it. Hold the hair with a rubber application and comb it again. Now twist them on the opposite side of the side that collected your hair. For example, if you have gathered the hair from the left to right side, then roll the hair from right to left, starting from the bottom. Roll it from the bottom to the top and then pin up the hair in the roll made with bobby pins.

hairstyles for girls

Side rolls bun hairstyles

This hairstyle is very good for long hair. In this, curl each hair with the help of a curling rod, but apply them before you curl so that the curls will last for a long time. If you have thin or short hair, you can attach the top of the artificial hair to your hair. Now bring the hair to one side by side partying and keep the curls in place by twisting these curls. If you want a funky look, you can also use colorful hair extensions in between.

hairstyles for girls

Curly side ponytail hairstyles

You will need to curl your hair to make it. To make the curly side ponytail, tie the hair upside down with a rubber band. Do not forget to apply hair gel or hair spray because this ponytail looks better in a sleek look.

hairstyles for girls

Fishtail or khajuri braid hairstyles

To make a fishtail hairstyle, divide your hair into two parts. Now take a thin layer of hair from the right side and mix it in the left side of the hair. After this, take a thin layer of hair on the left side and mix it in the hair on the right side. Keep repeating the hair this way. By doing this, your fishtail will be ready. By keeping this peak facing forward, you will look even more beautiful.

hairstyles for girls

Side twist roll hairstyles

First of all, give a straight look to the hair by pressing it and then make a puff with the middle hair in the front. Apply another color hair extension around the puff. Merge the hair extensions between the hair to form a twisting roll braid on one side. Give the side parting to the hair, then leave some of the front hair and make a high pony from the neck. Curl all the hair with a curling rod. Twist the left hair of the front and pinup it by moving it to the back. Put Feather or your favorite hair accessories on top of the pony.

hairstyles for girls

Plate parting hairstyles

First of all, make an ear-to-ear parting pony of the back hair. Then leave the flicks of the front hair and spray backcombing and make puffs. After this, divide pony hair into five parts. Make four rolls of four parts. Make eight thin peaks of one part. Pinup covering the rolls. Then cover the forehead and pinup it by bringing it back. Later decorate it with matching hair accessories from the dress. This hairstyle will suit not only weddings but for any party.

hairstyles for girls

Simple snake hairstyle

Remove the demand from ear to ear and divide the hair into two sections. Make a low bun by combing the back hair back. Take out the demand in the front hair. Make a section on the right side and pinup it to the left and the section on the left side to the right. Knead the remaining hair braid and wrap it on the bun.

hairstyles for girls

Star snake hairstyle

Remove the demand in the middle and separate the hair section from the front. Make the hair under it as an intern. Crisscross the front hair and pinup it near the back bun. Give the final touch with the diamond accessory.

hairstyles for girls

Flower snook hairstyles

Take out the demand from ear to ear and divide the hair into two sections. Make a chunk of hair in the back section. Make the One Side Loose Sea Peak of the front section. Wrap the pin on the joint and pinup it. Decorate with flowers.

hairstyles for girls

Wedding Snood Hair Style

Backcombing all over the hair. Now take a thin section of the entire hair and twist it to the side and pinup it to the side and make a bun. Make a finger roll off the edge hair and pinup it on the bun.

hairstyles for girls

Twist and Turn Hair Styles

 To make the hairstyle, first comb the hair and remove the demand from the middle. After this, take some hair from the right side and twist it, and finally secure it with the help of rubber. Similarly, by twisting some hair on the left side, securing it with the help of rubber. Now move both these sections backward and then set them by applying a pin. Your twist and turn are ready.

hairstyles for girls

Types of hairstyles

10 types of hairstyles

Front Puff Hairstyle – Front puff designer look is very much in these days. You can adapt the front designer look. Girls are also very fond of creating a cascading wave on the front. With this, giving a height on the crown area, the small and heavy face can be given a thin look. By designing the front look, you can heighten it by making puffs on the crown area.

Cross-linked hairstyles – If you want to go to the wedding and you have less time, then you can make cross-linked. This will give a different look to your hair as well as add beauty to your beauty.

Curly Hair Hairstyles – In addition to this you can get your hair curled as well. Curls can be either whether it is heavy or light but curling also reveals your look openly. Curry is even easier to carry.

French roll hairstyle- French roll hairstyle is also very much liked in office-going girls. If there is a special meeting in the office, it is enough to make a hairstyling statement. All you have to do is simply wrap your hair and pin up it.

Side ponytail hairstyle – This hairstyle is the best option for a simple look. The side ponytail also makes your simple look quite stylish. If your hair is naturally curly, then you only need to apply a rubber band to the side, while if your hair is straight, then you should curl your hair first.

Curly Side Ponytail Hairstyle- Curly side ponytail girls love all the styles of the ponytail. The Curley suede ponytail suits both with jeans-top and salwar-kameez. You will need to curl your hair to make it.

Fishtail or Khajuri braid hairstyles – If you do not want to unzip the hair, then a fishtail hairstyle will be best for you. This hairstyle looks quite stylish. You can wear any dress with this hairstyle. Whether it is Weston or Indian. The classic fishtail hairstyle looks gorgeous.

Low ponytail hairstyle- Low ponytail is a better and comfortable hairstyle, especially when you have taken a heavy design outfit, then this low ponytail hairstyle with such a dress will keep the balance in your look.

Classy Bun Hair Style- This hairstyle is perfect for a wedding. The special thing about this hairstyle is that through this you can also show off your designer blouse, it will become classy and gives you a very stylish look.

High Volume Hair Style- If your personality is very bold and you like to experiment with something new with your hairstyles then this hairstyle can attract you. This hairstyle gives volume to the hair, it will also create volume in your personality.

Things to note

Before following any hairstyle, check which hairstyle will suit your face. Choose the hairstyle to suit the shape of the face.

Make a hairstyle as per the shape and cut of your face. So that it can give you the perfect look. For example, on a heavy face, you can adopt straight hair, wavy hair, and half-tie hairstyles.

Avoid incorrectly placing bobby pins. To pin up the bun and puff, tie hair, etc. If the bobby pin is not set properly, the hair starts losing again and again. For the puff place the wavy side of the bobby pin inside the puff.

Do not take large sections of hair for setting. According to experts, when using a straightener or dryer to bring home a salon-like finish in curls or straight hair, take small sections instead of large sections of hair.

Avoid using the wrong hairbrush for hair setting.

Choose another option instead of backcombing.

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