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Hairstyles You Must Try In 2017/18

Author – Tayyaba Rais

Well, everything is evolving so when it comes to evolving your look there is no specific time or an end of the season to get your thoughts provoked about a different look that you may be interested in. Just like you clean out your wardrobe often and remove old clothes, this time revamp your new season’s looks and do the something in regards to your hair with the best

For the woman

Bangs are so in the fashion as they add impact to your look, the choice is all yours to keep it subtle or bold. You can add, tonal variation to your bangs it is a really good way to highlight your new look, be individual with your choice of color and placement of highlights. Keep the highlights a bit less as the fringe area is easily visible. If you have long hair then experiment with your “Up do’s”. There are multiple ways to change your entire look. Be different and have various choices in your look when going out.

For the guys

If you have side parting then add an edgy look by growing the front area hair and sweeping it back to get that rockabilly 1940 look. Add some texture to your boring hair. Blunt straight lines can be harsh and harder to maintain. Thus adding texture is a statement about your confidence, everyone will notice your new found attitude. Color for men does not always mean black! There are various options for color so don’t restrict yourself to 100 shades of brown when you can add a little life, just be subtle and not over the top.

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