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Hair Masks We Know You’ll Love

Author – Tayyaba Rais

Your hair needs some love and pampering. Yes or No? If you answered Yes, then Be U Salons has got you covered with its Top 5 Favorite DIY Hair Masks – all of which include easily available natural ingredients that can, without a doubt, be found in your kitchen. Let’s get started!

Coconut Milk

Yes, Coconut milk can be used as a natural hair repairing ingredient. It actually nourishes your hair by giving it moisture from root to the tip and acts as a natural hair de-tangler, also a great organic hair conditioner that will give you longer and thicker hair.


Lemon is great for both skin and hair and best for those with an oily scalp. Lemon juice absorbs the excess oil and grease on your scalp. This fruit is high in Vitamin C which helps clean your hair from any deposited product and dust.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a great exfoliant for both skin and hair. For hair, it helps in eliminating dead skin cells from the scalp and any residue that may have built up.


Eggs are rich in Vitamins A, D, and E, proteins and fatty acids, which helps in retaining the luster and shine of your hair. It’s also a great natural conditioner!

Try out these above mentioned in tips and love your locks!

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