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Bridal Makeup Kit Items List

Makeup is such a thing, which can also enhance and reduce the beauty of the face. During the wedding season, every parlor has a significant amount of bridal makeup. It is also important for the bride’s makeup to be perfect. For this, every girl herself needs to have some understanding of bridal makeup, so that she can understand whether her bridal makeup is right or not. Many things are used in bridal makeup, which brings out the beauty and beauty of the bride.

How to do bridal makeup

step 1

Before starting bridal makeup, the most important thing is to keep the face clean. It is known by all that Indian brides use bold and bright colors more for their wedding. In such a situation, to apply makeup well and stay for a long time, first of all, you should clean your face thoroughly. Also, make sure that there is no dust, dirt, or oil on your face.

Step 2

To make the bridal makeup look perfect, the first thing you need to do is moisturize your skin. Your skin should be smooth, skin tone should be fed and make-up better, for that it is very important to have moisturized skin. Put the moisturizer on the tip of your finger and apply it slightly on the entire face, and then gently massage it in a circular motion on the entire face with your hands.

Step 3

After moisturizing the face you must make a base before makeup. The base is important in making the bride’s makeup look beautiful and natural. Sometimes women make a mistake in making the base itself and as a result, the makeup gets spoiled. So, we are also telling you how to make the perfect base for bridal makeup tips. Its most important tip is to choose the right shade. Always choose a makeup base that is similar to your skin color.

Follow these steps for makeup base

Step 1 – Apply the Primer

Begin you are bridal make-up regime by making use of a skinny layer of primer. It blends completely with teh facial, neck, and hand pores and skin in order dat the make-up utilized on it stays for a protracted period and appears gorgeous on it. Primer is of utmost vital when you have a mix of pores and skin tone.

Step 2 – Taking Care of Beneath Eyes

After making ready teh pores and skin for teh make-up, it’s essential to focus on teh eyes. Lots of you might develop darkish circles and rosacea on dis space, which can make you look boring. Apply some concealer to cover each flaw around you’re eyes and make them look radiant and vibrant. It offers you full-day protection towards warmth and humidity. Nevertheless, it’s useful to recollect dat an excessive amount of concealer might look heavy and provide a synthetic rally feel. 

Step 3 – Apply the Base Basis

It’s time to give attention to the basis. Go for an anti-aging basis wif beneficiant sun-protection (above SPF 20) in case you’re wedding ceremony is throughout teh daytime. Use your fingertips to mix teh basis providing a wealthy pure creamy impact. The beautician course in Mumbai advocates you to therapeutic massage the jawline space for a pointy look.

Step 4: Spotlight the Eyes

You possibly can add drama to what you seem to be by highlighting teh eyes. Begin teh method by making use of waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner. High it up wif richly pigmented eye shadow offering a smoky look.

Step 5 – Create the Lashes

Flip you are consideration to brows in order dat they will complement teh dramatic smoky eyes. Many beauticians suggest teh usage of false lashes to reinforce their size and quantity. You too can attempt a volume-adding, waterproof mascara for a similar impact.

Step 6 – Add Closing Touches to Make-up

Now, you might be virtually performed. Add teh last touches to you are make-up by making use of pink blush and a long-stay lipstick matching teh color of your are costume. Making use of a pure lip gloss over teh lip paint would add teh much-needed shine for teh glamorous reception night. Use a highlighter at teh nook of eyes, cheekbones, and forehead bones so as to add a diva-like TEMPeffect. Don’t forget teh ending powder over teh make-up to make it final all through teh evening.

dis was a piece of short step-by-step information for flawless bridal make-up as urged by a magnificence parlor course in Mumbai. You possibly can both go forward wif the discourse of TEMPyou’reself or rent a noledgeable and educated make-up artist for the job.

Step 4

Bronzer is used to sharpen the outline of the face and enhance the beauty of the naan-nash. You can apply a bronzer in a blush brush of pointed design and apply it on the edges of the chin. Apply the same on the sides of the forehead, both sides of the nose, and also on the nose bone. Apply around your cheekbones and ears as well.

Step 5

Take some blush on the blush brush and brush off the excess blush. Start applying it with a steady smile. Apply it upwards and towards the ears in a circular motion. Keep in mind that while using a blush brush, keep the brush at a distance of at least two fingers from the nose and apply blush. If you want glossy and natural cheeks, you can use cream-based blush. Apply it to your fingers and pat it on the face.

Step 6

After all these steps, now comes the way of applying eye shadow. You can use golden color for eye makeup because this color goes on with all colors like red, green, brown, and maroon. Use golden or peach color and charcoal eye shadow above your eyes to give your eyes a smokey look. You can also put a brown shade on the crease of the eyes to give a smoky look to the eyes. You can also use golden color instead of silver color on your eyebrows bone. For eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil or angular brush.

Step 7

Now it is the turn of the eyeliner. Do not experiment with brown or blue-colored liners on the wedding day. You use the black waterproof liner. Apply thick liner and deep mascara to your eyes. If you want to make the eyes look more attractive, then spread the finger on it in a light circular motion. Also, do not forget to apply mascara to make the eyelids look darker. Mascara with a curly brush can make your lashes look more attractive.

If you want, you can apply fake eyelashes to make your eyelashes look more beautiful and attractive. It would be better if you apply these few days before the wedding and see if it is right for you.

Step 8

Last comes the way of applying lipstick. If you have thinner lips, you can use a lip liner that is similar to your skin tone to show the lips to be embossed. If your lips are raised, you can use a slightly darker lip liner. You choose a color of lipstick that complements your entire look. For muted lips, use lipstick in maroon or maroon, and peachy pink or light pink lipstick for thin lips. Those with thin lips may use lip plumper instead of lipgloss. At the same time, those who have raised lips can use lipgloss.

Bridal Makeup Kit

First of all, a kit is required for makeup, in which all beauty products come together. Buy a beautiful and enhanced kit for this. Nowadays, there are very good kits in the market in which different foods are made and there is also a separate place to keep artificial jewelry in it.

1. Moisturizer

This makes the skin shiny, so it is very important to have it in the kit. Choose a moisturizer based on the skin. Nowadays BB and C-C creams are also available in the market, if you want, you can also include them in the kit.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen lotion is very much needed to protect the skin from sunlight. So it is very important to keep it in the kit.

3. Cleanser

Do not forget to put face wash or cleanser in the kit to clean the face. Choose it according to whether the skin is oily or dry.

4. Lip balm

Lip balm is very important to keep lips soft. Color full lip balm is also easily available in the market. If you do not feel like applying lipstick at home many times, then only lip balm can be used.

5. Primer

It is necessary to use a primer to hide skin spots and dark circles of the eyes. Applying this does not spoil the facial makeup for several hours. After marriage, if you have to go to the party or someone’s house for dinner, then applying primer on the face gives it a great look.

6. Foundation

This is the most essential part of the kit. The foundation should be purchased according to the skin tone. Always choose a foundation that matches the color of the face.

7. face powder

Makeup is incomplete without face powder. It is used after applying foundation on the face. Apart from this, only face powder can be used to freshen up the face.

8. The blush

Blush is needed to give cheeks a pink color. Both matte and shimmery match the blush market. It is necessary to have both of these in the kit.

9. Eyeliner

Girls’ eyes remain incomplete without makeup. The eyeliner comes first in eye makeup. Apart from black color, green, brown, gray and many colors of eyeliner are available, which makes the eyes look very beautiful. The bridal kit should have waterproof liners.

10. Kajal

Mascara is needed to highlight the eyes. Every day, full makeup of the eyes is not done, so eyes can be made attractive only by applying mascara.

11. Mascara

Mascara should be applied to make the eyelids thick and beautiful. The girl does not feel in the new house for a few days after the wedding. Many times his eyes are filled in the ash. Being waterproof mascara, it will not spread and the eyes will not be black.

12. Eyeshadow

It is very important to apply eyeshadow to give the eyes a perfect look. Eyeshadows of the same color should be applied according to the dress.

13. lip liner

A lip liner is needed to properly apply lipstick. This does not remove the lipstick from the lips. Although many color liners are available, the kit must have a red-colored liner.

14. Lipstick

This makes facial makeup complete. Darker lipstick looks good on the new bride, so keep the color red and maroon in the kit. Apart from this, you can also keep lipstick of light shades for daily use.

15. nail polish

Nail paint should be applied to enhance the beauty of hands. Depending on your dress, you can put different colored nail polish in the kit. Also do not forget to keep the remover.

16. Perfume

It is also very important to have perfume or dio in the kit. Buy a good brand perfume with your choice.

17. makeup remover

Remover should also be applied to remove makeup from the face. It is very much needed to clean the face well before going to sleep at night. Apart from this, tissue paper, pens, erasers, clips, and safety pins should also be kept.

Things to note

1. Fair Skin Natural Bridal Makeup

Perfect bridal makeup is only when, despite the simplicity in that makeup, the beauty and beauty of the bride emerged. Everyone knows that the dress and jewelry of Indian brides are very heavy. So, whenever you think about makeup, make sure that your makeup is light and natural. Do not have excessively darker make-up or eyeliner and no deeper lipstick. If this happens, remove the excess makeup or liner from the blotting paper. You can talk to do this work by yourself or a makeup artist. Always remember that makeup is balanced, not too much.

2. Tell the makeup artist what you need

If you are calling a makeup artist, then make sure that you clearly state your needs, what kind of makeup you want. If you have a look in your mind, then explain it to them properly and if you have a picture of that look, then it is better. Apart from this, if you are thinking of getting makeup from a new makeup artist, then it is better that you take a trial a few days in advance.

3. Carefully selected makeup artists

Marriage is a special day and there is no place for any new experiment or mistake on this day. Therefore, choose a makeup artist for the wedding day carefully. Try to talk to your family or friends about this. If they have ever got makeup done by someone, then choose the same makeup artist. Besides, if you know a popular makeup artist, then you can hire her as well. Keep in mind that you should investigate it thoroughly. Also, if there is a sample of the previous work of a makeup artist, then see that too. Make a selection of a makeup artist at least a month in advance and try to take a trial in advance.

4. Choose makeup product carefully

Many types of makeup products are needed to make a bride makeup. Whatever makeup product is being used, know about its brand. Try to be a natural product, keep in mind the date of its manufacture and how long it can be used. Do a patch test once a few days before them, so that you know if you are allergic to them and whether they are safe or not.

5. A list of bridal makeup kits

You must have heard about the bridal makeup kit. You will find these easily in the market. Apart from this, you can also make your bridal makeup kit, which will contain the makeup items of your choice. If you will buy anything without planning, in the end, nothing will be in your hands. Therefore, during your wedding shopping, especially when choosing makeup accessories, definitely take your special friend with you. Especially, the friend who has more understanding about all these, so that he can guide you well and give you the right thing.

6. Make makeup complementing lehenga

The bride-to-be knows wedding dresses and jewelry a few days in advance. In such a situation, it would be better to make your makeup according to or similar to your lehenga, which will complement your look. You show your dress and jewelry to your makeup artist before marriage and ask for their opinion too. Think of your dress fittings and jewelry well in advance. Be careful that you do not change anything on the wedding day because somewhere your makeup is tied to the color of your clothes and any small change at the last minute can spoil your entire look.

7. Take care of the weather

It is also very important to take care of the weather during bridal makeup. The weather also affects the make-up. If the weather is cold, then there is no problem. Conversely, if the weather is hot and humid, there is a fear of spoiling the makeup. Be it summer or any other season, try using waterproof makeup. After makeup, stay in the fan, cooler, or AC. If the weather is hot and humid, choose lighter make-up, as this would be best suited.

8. Take care of day or night

When it comes to an Indian wedding, it is important to keep in mind that the wedding is in the day or at the night. In such a situation, makeup should also be done accordingly. If the wedding is in the daytime, keep it light and natural make-up. At the same time, if the wedding is at the night, keep the makeup a bit full and choose colors with a little thought. It is not just for the bride, but for every girl and woman who attends the party.

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