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Beauty Tips for Nails

The most common among these are the opaque white lines that are often seen on nails due to protein deficiency. Sometimes you see discoloured nails, nails with ridges on them and brittle nails.There are some ways in which we damage our nails.

Damage Caused to Nails:

  • Bite our nails or cuticles.
  • While washing ¬†clothes & utensils with harsh detergents it causes damage to both our nails and hands.
  • We use our nails to remove dirt or wax or gum from surfaces.

Taking care of nails:

  • Use a pair of gloves while washing ¬†clothes & utensils with harsh detergents.
  • Always trim the toe nails in a straight line as cutting them in deep curves can result in split nails in the corners and ingrown nails and at times infected toes.
  • For brightening your nails, use rose water combined with glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Do it three times a week and combine it with lemon juice rubs for better results

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