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Basic Makeup Essentials That Every Girl Should Carry

Author – Tayyaba Rais
Every girl has a go to bag, that she carries when ever she steps out of the house. A basic makeup kit holds a very significant place because it helps them keep a lot of things that they might need anytime and anywhere. It is very important for every girl to carry certain makeup products that are travel-friendly and can be used conveniently.
Here are some basic everyday makeup essentials that all girls should have in their bag.
BB Cream or a light base foundation 
Depending on your skin type carry a BB cream or foundation in your bag. It helps in creating a smooth base for your makeup. This is important because it hides blemishes and makes your skin look naturally flawless.
Blush or a bronzer
A swipe of color on your cheeks creates a healthy glow and makes you look awake and fresh. One can go for a bronzer over a blush if you have tanned skin naturally.
Kajal or an Eyeliner
You can choose any depending on your choice. A classic black shade is a necessity for most skin tones as it goes well with all skin color types. However, you can also go for nude, white or brown as well. Girls are also using bright colors these days like blue and green to add drama to their eyes.
On some days you can skip kajal or eyeliner and just curl your lashes with a black or a dark brown mascara for an easy yet fresh look. It’s the quickest way to make your eyes pop.
Lip Balm or a Lipstick
Some girls are not a big fan of lipsticks hence they can carry a lip balm to keep their lips hydrated and smooth for the entire day. Whereas all the lipstick lovers can carry a sheer and natural looking lip color that they like to wear on daily basis.

Author – Tayyaba Rais

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