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6 Different type of Highlights you can try

Author – Tayyaba Rais

Everyone wants to look different and unique in their own way and one way to look different is to add some texture and color to your hair. Highlights have gained popularity majorly because of two things. First, highlights are on trend, no matter what hair length or hair color you have, they look equally good on everyone. Secondly, highlights make your hair look bouncy giving an illusion of extra volume in your hair. But you can get confused by a list of different highlight styles and techniques that exist. Just to solve your queries, Be U Salons is here to guide you through different types of highlights that you can choose from.

Ombre Highlights

This is the type of highlight where the darkest color is at the top near your hair roots and the color fades as we go down to the ends.

Textured Highlights

If you want to make your hair look fuller then this can be your type of highlight style. Textured highlights are done by taking at least three colors. The placement of the highlight gives an illusion of more hair. A layered haircut is suggested with this highlight to further accentuate the volume of your hair. You can Install Be U Salons App to enjoy a free haircut service on a minimum bill of Rs.100.

Chunky Highlights

If you wish to go a bit dramatic with your hair then you can go for Chunky Highlights. Bold sections of hair are taken and highlighted with a shade lighter than your natural hair color. You can always customize the streaks according to your preference.

Dip Dyed Highlights

This is one of the latest highlights trend that can be seen sporting by most of the celebrities. Color the lower ends of your hair according to your choice of color.

Balayage Highlights

This is a kind of highlight that involves free hand stroking of the color across your hair. This is commonly known as beachy highlights.

Natural thin Highlights

To give your hair natural textured look, you can go for this hair highlighting style. In this, thin strips of hair are dyed to give a natural look.

So, if you want to get any of the above highlights done then visit your nearby Be U Salons today.

Author :- Tayyaba Rais

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